Second times a charm

Ok, so it is rare that I blog twice in one day, but I am so excited I am going to burst! After I put Gabs to bed, I started work on revising the first chapter of my completed book. The more I read it, and the more I read other sites giving critiques and stressing the importance of the first page and chapter, the more I knew that I had to revise it. I have always been and will always be a big proponant of the ‘first paragraph’ grabber. There must be action. My LEAST favorite books are those that you yawn after you read the first paragraph. One book spent the whole paragraph detailing the blades of dew drenched grass and the hue of the sky and the smell of the spring flowers in the air. BORING!!!!! Give me ACTION thank you!!

But I found myself being utterly bored with my own first paragraph, which is absolutely unacceptable to me! I have spent the last, oh, 3 hours revising my first 5 pages. WOW that is along time. I am pryaing that the rest of my book doesn’t dissatisfy me like the first 5 pages did! It will be some long revising if that is the case! But seriously that was the part I was most uphappy with, and it is much better now. Still many kinks to work out, and I have to make sure everything I changed now ties into the rest of the book well, but I am confident that I am at least on the right track, or at least a better one anyway.

Knowing me, I’ll read it another 250 times, and start to not like it again, and change it again.

Who knows:-)