I’m on a mission!

Life is SO crazy busy lately… (I mean, I honestly don’t remember a time in the last few years when it HASN’T been that way) but God’s been on me lately to rise above.

But that’s not what this post is about.

It might be what THURSDAY’s post though.

THIS is just a notice that I’m changing up my schedule, in the name of reorganizing Krista and trying to live a HEALTHY life, honoring God and family with my time.

It’s a little change. I’m still trying to blog two days a week, I’m just moving it from Monday/Thursday to Tuesday/Thursday… with Thursday being a flex day.

The thing is… Sunday’s are busy, and I HATE THAT. Sunday should be a day of REST, and God’s been reminding me lately that I need to honor that, instead of viewing it as just another day to “get things done.” I mean, we always go to church, but afternoons were a time to fit in writing, or do a project around the house, or to clean the house. (Last year we hosted small groups in our house, so Sunday afternoons were hurry-and-clean-before-people-get-here)

But not any more. Sunday’s are our rest/family day.

I sat down tonight though, thinking, CRUD, I have to write my blog post for tomorrow…. and God raised his eyebrows and said, “Why?”

I responded, “Uh, because tomorrow is Monday? Blog post day?”

God rolled his eyes. “So?”

I sighed. God obviously didn’t hear the blog rule of being consistant in your posting days. “Okay, so everyone says–“

The Almighty interrupted. “Since when did I care about what everyone says, Krista? Why can’t you post on Tuesday? Hm?”

“But–but… tomorrow I’m supposed to post. People will come looking for something…”

He gave me that look that God is so good at giving, even when I can’t actually see it.

I sighed. “Okay. Tuesday. That’s a good idea, actually. Then I won’t have to rush on Sunday nights to post, and I can do it on Monday. One less thing on my Sunday to-do list, so I can REST on Sunday.”

God winked at me. “I’m known for my good ideas.”

“Well, is it okay if I write a quick post, telling people that I’m changing to Tuesday?”

“Sure. Just tell them all it was my idea, kay?”

And that, my friends, is my slightly-fictionalized but pretty accurate account of what went on in my head between me and God.

And the reason that, after this week, you’ll have a post from me ever TUESDAY instead of Monday… and most Thursdays. (Thursday I leave as an optional day… I’ll usually post but the “optional” part relieves a TON of stress on busy weeks when I can’t!)

As always, you can also sign up to have posts emailed to you!! (See sidebar for sign up…)

Discussion: So… how good are YOU about keeping your sabbath Holy and for REST… vs. to-do list catchup? Do you need a stern reminder from God too??



  1. Yeah…I stink at it! LOL! Thanks for this, Krista. While Sunday may never be my day of rest, I can't let myself believe that I shouldn't schedule it for another time.

    1. Kat, absolutely! Monday's are a good "Day of rest" too 🙂 Pick your day and keep it holy and to-do list FREE!!!!

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