After 91 long years, my grandfather passed away this past Saturday. It is bitter-sweet, he had lived a long life, he and my grandmother had 7 children, and too many grand-greatgrand and probably great-great grand children to count! He had only recently given his life to Christ, which I think is pretty amazing (My grandma had dragged him to church every Sunday and somehow it just sunk in after all these years!)

As much as I am sad that he is gone, I am rejoicing that he is in a better place. He had been sick and in alot of pain for quite a while. He is joining my Uncle Butch, as well as my baby Abigail, and I know they are having the greatest reunion up there right now!

Well, I leave in just a few hours to drive with my siblings up to IL for the funeral in the morning. I have tons of things to get done before then, but wanted to add this to my blog before I delved into my TTD list.