Sad: A friend reminded me that I missed Sean and Catherine’s wedding on TV last night!

Happy: I think I can watch it online!

Sad: My house is too quiet today.

Happy: All my kids are at school, NO sickies in the bunch!

Sad: My house is a mess.

Happy: My Momma is coming today or tomorrow to help me clean it!

Sad: It’s time to do my taxes.

Happy: We get a refund!

Sad: My kids didn’t do their kitchen chores last night.

Happy: Guess what will be waiting for them when they get home!?!

Here’s wishing you a Monday full of enough happies to outweigh your sads!!

 What are your happy/sads today?

(Please note—I am a writer… and I don’t think “Happies” is a word because happy is usually an adjective and I’m using it as a noun… so I am only guessing at the spelling of “happies” vs “happys”)

I’m sure someone with more grammar knowledge than I will see this and correct me if I’m wrong.

Sad: I don’t know how to spell happies.
Happy: I don’t care!


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  1. It is always good to look for the "silver lining." Thanks for the reminder.

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