It’s 1:30 in the morning.

I’m awake. In the emergency room. With sweet Annabelle.

Planning on being admitted.

Annabelle is sleeping at the moment, and Mommy is wishing she could sleep, but sleeping sitting up in a chair isn’t really an option…

So, on Saturday, we went to the walk-in clinic at Annabelle’s Pediatrician and found that Annabelle has RSV. BOO for that. The last time she had RSV was when she was a year and a half, and it bought her an 11 day hospital stay.

We are trusting this will be much less.

She was actually weathering it “okay” at home, except for some severely junky lungs and some not-so-pretty coughs, until 10:00 Sunday night when she spiked a 104 fever. It came down with Tylenol, but due to that high of a fever and some not pretty breathing during it, they felt she needed to be checked for Pneumonia and other possibilities like the flu. Wouldn’t that be just our luck to have the flu AND RSV at the same time??? Mommy is hoping not.

Upon arrival to the ER, we found that her oxygen sat’s were in the high 80’s at best, so are now on oxygen to bring us to the mid-90’s. (She should be 97-99)

I’m blabbering on about a lot of things you don’t really care about now. I understand that. But remember. It’s 1:30 in the morning for me. I probably won’t recall writing this in the morning.

On top of this, Karalynn and Lacy have coughs as well, although I think Karalynn’s is on the mend. There are also a few other things going on that just make right now a rough time in our household.

Your prayers today are appreciated.

*yawn* I think I’ll go ahead and try how that sleeping-sitting-up thing works.



  1. So sorry she is in the hospital again. Praying for your family!

  2. I'm praying, and glad for your FB updates. I hope she gets well soon – and that Mommy can get some sleep!

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