Last week we dreamed about that BIG contract! FUN stuff!

Today, given our romance theme, I thought we could dream again, which I REALLY need right now in light of

  1. My growing belly that makes me feel like a whale even though I’m only at 15 weeks.
  2. Back… Pain!
  3. I just started a new book, and a little time away would be SO very nice.
  4. My kids having THREE snow days this last week because of 4 inches of snow… and they are predicting more next week. Can we say a wee bit of cabin fever in my house?
  5. I’m realizing with baby #4 on the way it might be a good while before I “get away” again. Which is okay, just a little sobering.


For you married people out there… your husband surprises you with a dream vacation for Valentine’s Day! WOOHOO! Where would you go?

For “taken” but not married people…. you significant other proposes… and you’re getting married! AWWWWW!!! He (or she if you’re a boy, hehe!) says the sky is the limit on the honeymoon. Where would you go?

For you singles out there… if you WANT a significant other… You’re at your favorite coffee house and the guy of your dreams walks in and the two of you fall in love at first sight. Eventually you get engaged… see the scenerio for “taken.”

For you singles out there… if you do NOT care to have a significant other right now… your best writing bud gets the contract of their dreams, and says, “Hey, let’s go somewhere to celebrate! Like, a huge trip!” Where do you wanna go?

My dream: I’m thinking Hawaii. Just because EVERYONE should go someday, right? Either that, or any island in the Caribbean would be just as good! As long as I could bask in the sunshine and good weather with my hubby, be lazy on the beach, take my laptop and write a bit while laying on the beach (with sunscreen of course!) Yes, that sounds VERY nice right now!



  1. Dream vacation… hmmm… I agree with you about Hawaii. I want to go badly, and I've never been there. Actually, I never thought about it until we worked with JKB, and she used to bring us the stuff from Hawaii all the time, remember? Now Hawaii is on my bucket list. I have an issue though. The movie Castaway has totally made me FREAK OUT at the thought of flying over water. Remember when we flew in and out of Chicago every week? Well, I'd just about hyperventilate every time we flew over Lake Michigan! What am I going to do when I fly over an ocean!?!

  2. If we could go this weekend, I'd choose Miami – for the warm weather and so I could cheer on my Colts in person on Sunday! 🙂

  3. Great idea! I'd love it if my husband surprised me with a trip to somewhere along the east coast. Someplace beachy and serene.

  4. Hi Krista! I wondered why I was seeing you around Twitter during the middle of the day a few times this past week! So, when your kids have snow days, do you have to take a vacation day at work?

    And dream get-away with hubby? Too many places to list! But I wouldn't mind a mountain top cabin or a visit to England to tour castles.

  5. My dream, which I really hope to make a reality this year, is to finally get off this continent! 🙂 I'm torn between Jamaica (for research for the third book of the Ransome trilogy–because I'm NOT a beach person!) and England, with, perhaps, a side trip into France and Switzerland. And, yes, I'd go by myself—though if I do the Europe trip, I'd be meeting up with my cousin who lives over there.

    I'm a huge proponent of single people not putting off dreams like this for that "someday" when "someone" might come along to go with us. I encourage other to seize the day, so, as long as the finances work out, that's what I'm going to do, too!

  6. Hawaii is a top pick, but at this point anywhere warm is completely acceptable. :O)

  7. Due to meeting my husband in Disney World, that's my usual pick. No matter how many times I've been there, it's always special for the both of us. Beyond that, I've always wanted to go to PE Island and visit the areas described in the Anne series by L.M. Montgomery. Except it's much to cold to go somewhere North right now! lol

  8. I'd go to that first picture. That's paradise! Have a great weekend! Hope the cabin fever gets better!

  9. I would want to go to the Bahamas. It's not too far of a plane ride and it's tropical. I'm afraid of flying, but I'd definitely want to go somewhere warm.

  10. Dream vacation?
    Hmmm. Hard question for a Midwesterner as snow pummels my house.

    Tahiti, I believe. Planned a trip for my parents back in the 90s and had so much fun experiencing it vicariously through them.

    Krista, you're right on about Hawaii. Have been twice, once on my "real" honeymoon, once with my parents…invaluable memories.


  11. Definitely Bali. Beaches, cheap hotels, luxurious hotels that aren't that expensive, great shopping, mountains…and the Balinese people are supposed to be so nice. I'm with Kaye–I want off this continent!

  12. Ireland! Europe! Oooo! I'd love that!!!

    Sorry your back hurts!

  13. I love sightseeing, so I'd choose a place with lots of history. Come to think of it, I have a couple of places in my own backyard that fit the bill. Maybe I should do a day trip. 🙂


  14. Oooo, definitely Scotland…if we get to dream and pick "anywhere". It I had to be a little more practical, I would say a cabin up in the Colorado mountains. But I haven't been to Hawaii, so that would be pretty cool too. Sigh…so many places I wanna go to!

    p.s. I would go back to that treehouse in Arkansas in a heartbeat!

    p.s.s. Baby number 4 makes you grow faster for some strange reason. (Can you say stretched out muscles?????)

  15. I would love to spend a week at a spa and be catered to and pampered. The spa would be located on a tropical island in the ocean.

  16. Gosh, just being able to get away would be nice. Heh.
    I've always wanted to go to Europe though.
    I hope your back pain clears up.

  17. Praying your back feels better and your kids are extra joyous and cooperative.
    Blessings, andrea

  18. I'm getting my 'dream' vacation in June, a 7-night Alaskan cruise, in honor of our 30th anniversary 🙂

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