ACK! That word sends shivers up my spine.

But, that’s what I’ve been doing tonight. My first chapter has never sat write, no matter HOW many times I’ve revised it. Something was still… off. It got better every time, but it wasn’t the BEST.

Driving home from work today, I had a seedling of an idea. Sitting down at my laptop tonight, the idea all but leaped off my fingers. I probably still have work to do on it, but I like it MUCH better so far. I should finish the first chapter tomorrow night.

Rewriting is frustrating to me. It is a necessary evil, but I’d much rather be writing something NEW. So please, be praying for me as I rewrite this first chapter and make it the best I can make it!


What is the thing about the writing process that YOU struggle with the most? Is it dialogue, narration, plotting, setting, revision, editing? How are you working to overcome this area of discomfort?



  1. Hi Krista,

    Hope you're enjoying your two weeks of Mommy vacation! (I'm slightly envious!)

    I definitely know what you're going through with editing and rewriting! I'm in the middle of wading through one of my books. And my new book is starting to scream for my attention!

    The hardest part about editing for me is finding a fresh way to describe a feeling, especially one I've used over and over already!

  2. So far, I am struggline with FINISHING THIS WIP!!!! Seriously, I keep thinking something is just amiss if I have this much trouble getting through the end. I am sooo close, but can't seem to figure out how to make it come together. Bleh… 🙂 I am hoping the rewriting is MUCH easier!

  3. Does anyone ever have the issue that because I WRITE a lot so therefore have ty TYPE that word a lot, that whenever you need to type the word RIGHT the word WRITE comes out instead? I try to catch this weird habit of my fingers but didn't this time. Sure, I could edit it, but now I think it's funny so will leave it. *grin*

    Jody, I AM enjoying, thank you! And I am so in the same boat, my second book is over a third done and I can't wait to get to it!

    Sherrinda, I hope rewriting for you is easier too! And you WILL finish your WIP! I have faith in ya!

  4. Krista I so mix up write and right ALL the time!!! Luckily I usually catch it and laugh at myself.

    Right now I'm mulling over my first three chapters as I wait for the last 15 query responses to come back. All of which have been form rejections minus one who asked for the MS, but I'm almost positive it was because of the super personal nature of the query letter.

    I'm pretty sure I need to restructure these chapters, I'm just not quite sure. I know it's time to join some sort of critique group and or get some professional critique. I'm just not QUITE ready for it.

  5. I think it's hard to stop revising. XOXO

  6. I'm at the same place you are–revisions and editing. I struggle with dumping some backstory–oh how I miss those words:)

  7. LOL Krista, I noticed your WRITE typo, but thought you did it on purpose! 🙂

  8. Writing as an entire process is the most difficult part for me–I tend to doubt everything I write and severely underestimate my abilities. Otherwise, I'm working on figuring out how to appropriately embed a conflict and climax into a novel-length piece of writing (even though I've written six or seven manuscripts already).

    And revision–that I just hate.

    (I don't actually hate any of it–I just get a bit weary before I have to start it. ;))

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