The cardiologist said about one out of every 400 to 500 people have heart arrythmia problems. Usually these are inherent in the heart, a congenital heart defect in itself, but you don’t see it until that person is usually in their teens and complain of a rapid heart beat. It is easily treated with medication, and many times fixed with a procedure during a heart cath.

The heart Annabelle received was evidently one of those! They were able to duplicate the arrythmia in the pacing study.

*Sometimes* when it occurs in an infant, they will outgrow it within 6 to 12 months of life. But since the heart she received was from a precious child much older than one, it is their best guess at this point that she would potentially have problems.

What they don’t know, though, is when. It could be that surgery last week spurred the incident and she wouldn’t have an issue until much later in life, but because she is so little, she has no way to “tell” us that her heart is fluttering fast. And if she has long incidents of this abnormal rhythm, it could damage her heart.

Right now, their suggestion is to change one of her meds for blood pressure to another blood pressure medicine that should prevent her heart from having abnormal rhythms. Someday down the line, in a heart cath, they can do the procedure to prevent them from occurring in the future. A simple enough fix, but still scary.

They made the change to her meds today, and will redo the pacing study on Friday to make sure the medicine works for her.

We still may be able to go home on Friday, but her electrolytes still aren’t as stable as they need to be, neither is her anti-rejection med level, so home is a moving target.

On a FUN note today:

Annabelle got a fun package today… from Larry the Cucumber! She was so excited (even though she looks like Miss SoberGus in the picture…she was mad at me for interrupting her Veggietale movie!) It came via another heart transplant friend, who is friends with Larry! Her movies were even Larry Autographed. I’m pretty sure I saw Annabelle swoon when she saw it… Who needs a Justin Bieber crush when you have a Larry one!



  1. Krista, That is so exciting with Larry's autograph! I am so glad you guys are getting better, praying you get to go home on Friday!

  2. oohh Love VeggieTales and Larry's autograph!! Lucky girl! Praying for the sweet wee one.

  3. awhh, so very precious! What a difference a few days makes. Praying for strength to continue to have faith in the Plan God has made for your little pumpkin.

    Remember to Ask, Believe..then Receive. The other part is not for you to worry about! That is hard to keep the faith when these things come up! Darn, what are the odds. But hold fast to that faith that she is in good hands…

    Praying without ceasing!

    Did you have a chance to name Annabelle's angel yet? Make sure you do, then call on her by name often!

    ^J^ ^J^ ^J^ ^J^ ^J^ ^J^ ^J^ ^J^

    Hugs to a very beautiful princess!
    Linda and family in IOWA.

  4. Glad to hear She;s doing well and I love veggie tales to, Praying you guys can take her home on Friday!

  5. I love the Veggie Tales Video shot! How does Larry do so much with no hands?
    I will be praying about Annabelles arrythmia issues. You just never know for sure where they are going but it is good to be aware. Know what meds she is taking and any side affects to watch for. But I am sure you probably already do!
    My son who has arrythmia issues due to his CHD has been on beta blockers and sotalol and even had a short time on amiodarone but that drug has some serious side effects and I asked him to be weened off of it as soon as it was feasable.
    Praying you are home FRiday!

    Heart hugs!

  6. So glad Annebelle got a surprise from Larry! How much fun for her! She looks really good, Krista!!

  7. Still praying for healing, and for doctors' wisdom, and for a quick trip home … for good.

  8. How fun to get such a package! Veggietales are awesome!

    I really hope and pray you will be able to go home on Friday!

  9. Yeah for Larry! How exciting!! I will continue to pray for all the right answers and that you and your family have all the strength to drive this very curvy road. Much love, Jessica Scranton

  10. Who wouldn't swoon over a "Larry the Cumcumber" autograph?! How exciting. I'm sorry to hear about the arrythmia. I will pray that the change in medicine does its job and that when she is a little older, the procedure done during a heart cath will remedy the problem.

    Lots of love and prayers

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