As a writer, I know that I am to be continually researching for my novels. For the most part, unless you are already intimately knowledgeable in the subject you are writing in, all fiction novels will require some type of research.

However, I realized that this research really is much different than the kind we did back in school. You know, the MLA or whatever style of research? I have realized this week why I am very thankful that I am not longer bound to those stringent rules. My little brother, bless his heart… (that is what people in the South as a kinder way of saying ‘the idiot’ as us Yankees would say), called my sister on Monday to inform her that he had a 7-10 page research paper due on Tuesday, and if he didn’t get it turned in, he wouldn’t graduate.

Keep in mind, he has known about said paper for months.

Keep in mind also, that given my previous post my parents are out of town until Saturday, which means that us sisters are now tasked with the job of ensuring my brother can graduate. Not an easy one I can tell you!

So, Kari, my wonderful eldest sister, headed over to our parents house to survey the damage. It was extensive. They only got to page 2 (although since they had one line on page 3, Nick claims that means he had 3 pages done… whatever!).

The next day, he asked for a 1 day extension, and thank GOD they granted it to him! So I got the wonderful privilege of going over there to help finish the paper last night.

Granted, we did not write the paper for him, it would have been much easier that way! but we did help… (and towards the end I typed.. it was faster!)

I would just like to say, it took every ounce of my strength to leave that house last evening at 8:30. My other older sister, Jami, was watching my kiddos for me while I went on this mission of mercy, so by the time I drove the 45 minutes to her house, got the kids out of bed, took them home, got them back in bed, and then got to bed myself… it was late.

But it was still difficult. That paper, God love it, was the worse thing I have written, or helped write, in decades. Nicholas says this is because I was trying to help him write a paper for a senior level college student. I just wanted to write a paper that made sense. But I guess they don’t expect that of Senior’s in high school these days? Who knew!!

But Nicholas is happy. He feels the paper is the best thing since sliced bread, and here’s to hoping his teacher will think the same thing too!!