Reputation Over Riches

In this super busy season, I have to confess. My Bible reading that
I’d been trying REALLY hard to do daily (and LOVING IT) has gone by the
wayside a bit, thus the dwindling over my verse of the day posts!

the other day I was rushing out the door in the morning for one of my
consulting gigs and eyed my Bible sitting on the table. I took a deep
breath, backed up, and sat down. I only had a moment, but I was
determined to read SOMETHING. I flipped to Proverbs and this was the
verse I read…

A good reminder for us all!!! In business and life, it’s REALLY REALLY tempting sometimes to tell “white lies” to get what we want or what would be best for business, but keeping our integrity is more important than any amount of money that could be made.

Also want to point out….

It doesn’t say “choose a good reputation and God will bless you with great riches…”

Because isn’t it easy to have the mindset of “If I do it my way, God will make me even MORE money than if I do it the wrong way…”

Doing right for selfish reasons isn’t really doing right, hm?

No, sometimes choosing not to cut that corner, or not tell that little fib that seems really small, costs you money. Sometimes you don’t get a grand monitary reward.

That’s the point, I think. Personally, I’d rather people look at me at having the utmost honesty and struggle with finances rather than people not be able to trust me as I’m rolling in the dough.

(That doesn’t mean you can’t make money or succeed honestly! Just don’t let the lure of that be the reason for your honesty….)