The Engagement Plot is officially here!!

Weight: 10.75 oz

Height: 8 inches

Author and book are happy, healthy and doing great!

(Our books ARE our babies, ya know!)


I’m celebrating today by–well, I’m starting off with an early morning IEP meeting for my youngest. Mom first, writer second!

And tonight I’ll be having dinner with my hubby out because cooking on release day = NO WAY.

This day is pretty monumental for me. It’s been over FIVE YEARS since my last full-length novel released in 2012. Life has been such a journey since, many of those years spent clawing my way out of post kid-in-a-hospital-for-a-long-time depression, writing novellas because 35k words was really pushing the limits of what I could do in the midst of my mess, and just in general healing. Lots and lots of healing.

But today is not a day for looking back and dwelling, but for celebrating the NOW that God has gifted us with, and today, that NOW for me is another dream come true in written form.

And what better way to celebrate The Engagement Plot’s release than with a CELEBRATION GIVEAWAY?

So here’s my thought. Since this release day party is virtual, I thought I’d give away a few of my favorite things — many of which, if I WERE having a party in person, I’d totally have there:

The winner will get:

A Brownie Mix. (I’d make it for you in advance but… not sure how well that would ship. But this is my FAVORITE BROWNIE MIX even though it is almost the cheapest one out there… and when people ask my secret to making YUMMY brownies, this is it. That, and add a little extra oil and take 5-10 minutes off the cooking time.)

A few bucks in chocolate coins. A nod to the book’s plot and just yummy.

Dr. Pepper. Yeah, I’m shipping a 20oz Dr. Pepper to you. If you win and don’t like Dr. Pepper, let me know, and I’ll drink it in your honor instead.

One of my kids — just kidding. They wouldn’t ship well. But they ARE some of my favorites in this world!

A $25 Amazon gift card for you to purchase The Engagement Plot (ha!) plus whatever else you want! (You don’t really have to buy the book with it, especially if you already HAVE the book. That was just a fun suggestion.)

*Please notice that there are no vegetables in this giveaway. Because they are not a few of my favorite things. Even though I wish they were. I could lose weight MUCH easier that way.

So what do you have to do to enter this AMAZING EPIC KRISTA’S FAVORITE THING giveaway?

Leave a comment on this here blog with a few of YOUR favorite things that would be at YOUR Release (or birthday or whatever) party.

BONUS entry if you share about the book release (either by sharing this blog or just posting a link to Amazon!) on Facebook and/or Twitter, and either tag my author page ( or let me know in the comments that you shared here!

And then, make sure you get your copy of The Engagement Plot! You can find links to purchase here.

Giveaway Rules: US residents only. Sorry everyone else! International giveaways confuse me! Plus, not sure how Dr. Pepper will ship overseas… Comments and shares made through 11/5/17 will be entered to win. A max of 2 entries per person. Winner will be announced on the blog on 11/6/17 and must claim their prize by emailing me their mailing address by 12/1/17. Void where prohibited and all that other legal jazz.


  1. I love all of your favorite things as well! I’d add a cozy fleece blanket, a cup of mocha cappuccino, maybe chocolate swirl cheesecake….

    1. OH MY GOODNESS you had me at chocolate swirl cheesecake!!!! My virtual release day party is totally having that now too, LOL!! And cozy fleece blankets for everyone!!

  2. I haven’t had brownies in sooooo long! My favorite mix is Krusteaz. Use a tad less oil, add some Hershey’s syrup and chocolate chips. Yummmm! At my party would be my husband, our two adorable kitties, chocolate, a quilt and a book to read.

    1. A tad LESS oil?? You jest… LOL KIDDING!!! #oilmakeseverythingbetter #andlesshealthy #butwhatever

      Your party sounds very quiet and cozy!!!!! It’s rainy today here, so that sounds REALLY nice today!!!

  3. I like to have a slice of cheesecake in honor of a book baby. πŸ™‚ Dr. Pepper is pretty awesome as well! Congrats on the new release. I can’t wait to read it. πŸ™‚

    1. Ohhhh cheesecake. Y’all are gonna make me have to splurge at dessert time now!!!

      Thanks, Toni!!!!

  4. Definitely brownies, books, Starbucks, and Amazon. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

    1. I only left out starbucks because I’m not a coffee fan (hence Dr Pepper) I DO like a good Starbucks hot chocolate though… especially at christmas time with Peppermint in it! YUM!!!

  5. Congratulations on the release!!! Brownies with chocolate frosting or peanut frosting, definitely on my list of favorite things.

      1. Peanut frosting would be KINDA weird, HAHAHA!! Peanut butter frosting sounds interesting! I’ve never put that on my brownies before!! (Then again, I tend to be a purest. Oooey Gooey brownies don’t need ooey gooey frosting on them… in fact they are fairly impossible to frost, LOL)

        1. My mother often makes peanut butter icing to put on brownies. It’s good but not as good as just pure, gooey, chocolate brownies.

  6. i would have a big cookie cake and lots of decorations at my party… shared on twitter , google + and pinterest

    1. Thanks so much for sharing it, Jodi!!!! And YUM on the cookie cake!!!!!

  7. I am looking forward to reading The Engagement Plot. A few of my favorite things for my party: snail mail invites written with colored pen and a two layer vanilla cake with raspberry filling.

    1. I would send out a box of English breakfast tea, a gift card to Chick-fil-A (nuggets and sweet tea, with pleasure!), and the Big Cup Reese’s cup (more peanut butter!). All of these, with a good book, are a few of my favorite things.

      (And my kids, too, of course ?)

      1. Gretchen, CHICK-FIL-A!! YES!!! Definitely at the top of my favorite fast food restaurants!!!

    2. Ellie, I ALMOST added colored pens to my list. I <3 them very much!!!! And yes, snail mail letters/cards are SO MUCH FUN to get!!!!

  8. Chocolate is a must for any celebration. A chai latte is also nice. Congratulations on your release.

    1. It is not a party without chocolate, right??

  9. I love new books, donuts, and Pepsi.

    1. I love all THREE of those things!!!!!

  10. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens… oh, wait. Wrong favorite things! My favorite things right now (other than the token shout-out to faith and family), would be books. And apple cider. And those fleece blankets that are more soft and silky than they are fleece. And since it’s November 1… anything Christmas. Because, you know… CHRISTMAS. πŸ˜‰

    1. Well, raindrops on roses ARE pretty magical!

      I totally get what where you are going with that on the fleece blanket. I just call them “fuzzy” blankets. Blankets that make you scratch or have that weird texture need not apply. #softandcomfyonlyplease

      And yes… CHRISTMAS!!!!

  11. Yay, Krista! Happy book birthday! ?❀️ My favorite things would be books, worship music, dark roast coffee & dark chocolate m&m’s.

    1. Nicki, those are lovely favorite things!!!! I LOVE worship music… I play it throughout the day while I’m at home. SO GOOD for my heart.

  12. Oh Krista…..This is so fun, just like your book was to read! I wanted t o first let you know I posted my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon and hope it helps.
    As for my favorite things….(not in any order) God, my family, my new grand-daughters, reading, eating chocolate, drinking coffee mochas, making graphics(memes), music and traveling.

    1. That does help VERY MUCH!!! Thank you so much!!!!

      Those are all FANTASTIC things!!!

  13. I love your favorite things. I love chocolate anything and diet coke. I loved your book and have left reviews on Amazon and goodreads. I’ll post on my Facebook too.

    1. I will let you have your diet coke… LOL.

      Thanks so much for reading/reviewing and posting on FB!!! I SUPER appreciate it!!!!!

  14. Coffee is number one, chocolate, yarn, unusual bookmarks and a favorite book or two!

    1. Unusual bookmarks… that is a super fun to thing to have as a favorite!!!!

  15. Hi Krista, Congratulations on the release of your new book, “The Engagement Plot”!!! A few favorite things I hope would be at my book release would be my husband, Evan and our kitty Hobbs, and bunny, Mac. Thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Thanks, Kathleen!!! Love your favorite things!!!! One of my kids REALLY wants a pet bunny… but our lab would go NUTS. LOL

  16. One of my favorite things is Texas Sheet Cake, a recipe Becky Wade gave me. It’s the best chocolate cake ever! And chips!

    1. OHHH that sounds yummy!!! And I can definitely trust that Becky would have an amazing TX sheet cake recipe!!

  17. Congratulations on your new book!! My favorite things are my awesome Granddaughters!! They are really better than chocolate and less fattening when I get to be with them. I just got my book in the mail and want you to autograph it when I see you!! Plan to start reading it today!!

    1. I definitely will!! And your granddaughters already made my favorite things list, LOL!

  18. My porch swing, Snickers ice cream bars, little puppies, Wild Cherry Pepsi, and Honey BBQ Flavor Twists Fritos are a few of my favorite things (in no particular order)! Going to shout your release day on my Facebook right now.

    1. Thanks, Valerie!!!! Those are some pretty amazing favorite things!!!

  19. Well, I’d take one of your kids, too. Ours are all leaving this nest and so there’s room for another one or two.Must love books and reading and the arts.

    Items at my party? Triple layer chocolate cake,raspberry cheesecake, Chips and salsa/guacamole, coffee milkshakes, and spring rolls.

    People can stay for an hour or so and then they can leave and I can go read. πŸ™‚

    1. HA! There are some days that that offer is tempting… LOL (mostly joking..)

      LOL I love your note at the end… I am picturing a timer dinging and you being all like, “Okay, everyone out!” LOL!!!!

  20. I love Grammy dates with my grandchildren. I stopped giving bought gifts a couple years ago. We do lunch or dinner, then a movie, play or adventure of their picking. End with a trip to the ice cream shop.

    1. Oh yes!!! My kids love dates with their grandma’s!!! AND they love trips to the ice cream shop, LOL!!!

  21. A few of my favorite things are a good cup of strong tea – hot or iced; about any type of chocolate; brownies are good, especially with Hershey chocolate bars layered in the middle of the batter; next would be a good book – can’t wait to read The Engagement Plot; then a cozy place to read – which today would probably be in the recliner by the fireplace with a cozy blanket. Anybody want to join me?

    1. Yes, it is rainy and icky out here… a warm cozy firepace and a comfy recliner and a good book and plush blanket… *sigh* Sounds pretty perfect!!!

  22. SOOO excited for you!! My favorite things are Starbucks coffee and BACON. Lots o bacon.

    1. OH yes. Bacon should have TOTALLY been on my list. I can’t believe I left it off! (except that I’m not sure how to ship bacon… unless it’s bacon bits… which just isn’t the same…)

  23. I love all of your favorites. I think that I would add ice cream to go with the brownies. I would love to have my husband, kids, and girl friend at my celebration.

    1. OHMYGOODNESS! YES! Ice cream. How could I forget that??? and maybe even a little warm caramel to go on top….. #swoon

  24. All of your favs plus a Hersey chocolate bar and a hot bath with a good book !

    1. Ah yes! That sounds super good right now!

  25. Homemade chocolate ice cream is a must for birthdays.
    CherylB1987 AT hotmail DOT com

    1. ohhh yes! LOVE homemade ice cream!!

  26. I love those brownies, too! Add some strong black coffee & a good book & I’m in heaven!

    1. I’ll leave the coffee to you, HAHAHA!!! But a good book and brownies is HARD to beat!!!

  27. My favorite things are, Chocolate, Angel Food Cake with Pie cherries poured over it. Music and books. Not real kean on Dr. Pepper but that’s ok.

    1. Dr. Pepper isn’t for everyone. Just like I’m eh on cherries, LOL. Our favorite for angel food cake is to cover it in cool whip and sprinkle heath bar crumbs all over #todiefor

  28. I’d have to have chocolate in several forms: brownies and candy would be good. I’d have Diet Coke rather than Dr. Pepper. There might be more of a variety if I was celebrating with friends. If I was having a celebration by myself, I’d be sure I also had a great book to read and maybe a cozy blanket if the weather was cold. I’ve enjoyed your prior books so am looking forward to reading The Engagement Plot. Congratulations on the release.

    1. Ohhh more Dr Pepper for ME then, LOL. Thanks for stopping by!!!!!

  29. I think we’re kindred spirits, Krista! Some of my favorite things are Dr. Pepper, chocolate (most anything chocolate), cheesecake, my grandkids, and new books to read. I finished your book a couple of days ago and will try to get reviews up today.

    I shared this post with my daughter. I thought she’d enjoy it.

    1. I forgot to say that I love Amazon gift cards, too! They’re awesome! <3

    2. LOL yeah for kindred spirits!!! I’m good with all chocolate too… except dark chocolate. LOL

  30. Congratulations! I LOVE Dr Pepper. I would add Peanut Butter M&Ms and different flavored popcorn to the party! oooo and pizza!

    1. Ohhh pizza! Definitely a requirement! and love me some peanut butter M&Ms!!!

  31. I LOVE the brownies and would also bring chips and queso, sprite, cookie cake, and a movie!!

    1. ohhh, YUM!!! Thanks for stopping by today to celebrate with me!!!

  32. I Love Starbucks Peppermint Frappucinos, cheesecake, a cudly blanket and a new Christian Fiction book!!

    1. I love how many people love cuddly blankets!!!! That is definitely a common favorite thing I share!!!

  33. Chocolate cake and ice cream would have to be at my party!?

    1. Both super yummy things!!!!

  34. Congratulations! I would have to have cheesecake (the kind with dark chocolate), lots of dark chocolate, coffee, and did I mention dark chocolate? And there probably would be cheese too. I can’t help it; I love cheese. And chocolate covered strawberries. And now I’m officially hungry… πŸ˜‰

    1. How about you take the dark chocolate and I’ll take the milk chocolate? Deal!?!

      Ohhhhhh cheese. With crackers and that really fattening sausage….

      This whole post has made me gain a few pounds, LOL!

  35. Snuggly blankets,good books, fuzzy socks ,chocolate and yes Dr.Pepper are among my favorite things

    1. Also congratulations on the new book!

    2. Shelia, THANKS!!!

      Fuzzy socks… VERY good edition to the list!!!! #winteriscoming #warmtoesies

  36. Oh wow! So many great things at your party! I would have those plus add some cheese cake, Reese’s peanut butter Big Cups and Sprite! Looking forward to reading this book! Happy Release Day!!!!

    1. Love those things!!!! THANKS so much!!!!

  37. Happy Release Day Krista!!!
    I’ve shared on Facebook.
    Party Time…chocolate in any form, kind, and shape…with Creme Brulee Latte πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks for the FB share!!!

      And while you can have the latte, you totally made me remember that Creme Brulee is pretty much epicly awesome and would need to be at my party even though I have zero clue how to make it!

  38. Happy Release Day! I can’t wait to read The Engagement Plot! My favorite things are pretty notebooks, honey vanilla chamomile tea, snickerdoodles, bookmarks/ribbons and warm, fuzzy blankets.

    I also posted the link to this blog on my Twitter. Thanks for the giveaway!

    1. Oh I LOVE pretty notebooks as well!!! actually, my notebook is pretty boring (but easy to use) my CALENDAR notebook however is specially picked out every year to make me smile all year long, LOL.

      Thanks for sharing!!!!

  39. I enjoyed reading your blog post and I’m so thrilled you are celebrating this big event…the birth of a new book! At my party I would have hot fudge brownie sundaes and lemonade.

    1. Yum, and Yum!!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!!!!!!!!

  40. Chocolate, peanut butter and caramel, and hey if they’re all combined and maybe on a cheesecake, that’s even better! (and my Dr. Pepper would be diet-calories are better in food IMO!)

    1. Aw, see, but the calories is the only thing that makes Dr Pepper GOOD. Otherwise it is bound for my trash can. If I had to choose between cheesecake calories and Dr Pepper calories, I would just eat half of the cheesecake and drink half of the Dr. Pepper. A little of both. LOL.

  41. A few of my favorite things are dove chocolate, my favorite books, cheesecake, and fuzzy blankets. πŸ™‚

    1. Also, I shared on Facebook! πŸ™‚

    2. Love those favorites!!! I didn’t realize how many people loved Cheesecake, LOL Next time I think I’ll giveaway a cheesecake factory giftcard, HAHA

      And thanks for the FB share!!!!

  42. Congratulations! happy to share. I love cheesecake and my favorite coffee dunkin donuts! Thanks for chance

    1. Thanks, Anna! Those are great favorites!!! I appreciate you stopping by!

  43. Krista, I love same things but would add a soft blanket as well with Holiday Joy being diffused by my side πŸ™‚ And I shared on my facebook wall. Thank you for the chance to win this great package! Blessings over you and yours for a beautiful Thanksgiving~

    1. Thanks for sharing, Patty!!! You have a great Thanksgiving as well!!!!

  44. Some of my favorite things are good chocolate, a good cup of coffee, a book, a comfy chair and my cats. Can’t wait to read “The Engagement Plot”.

    1. I hope you enjoy it, Dianne!!

  45. How fun! I love to share and learn of favorite things! I would have fruit pizza, a vegetable tray, homemade rolls and almond M&M’s!

    1. Homemade rolls… oh my goodness yes! Those may have to be at my party too!!! LOL

  46. Hmm…my dog, hubby, kids, Caramel brulee lattes from Starbucks and a strawberry cake from the Pennsylvania Bakery! Yummy!! Congrats on your release day!!!

    1. Strawberry cake sounds DELICIOUS!!!

  47. A cozy blanket,chocolate chip cookies, a good book. My family.

    1. Those are lovely favorite things!!!! Thanks for stopping by, Leslie!!!

  48. During cooler weather, I love fuzzy, soft socks and hot chocolate. No matter the season, I like books and dark chocolate. My husband and kids are favorites, too! Congratulations on the new book and I look forward to reading it.

  49. Oh my gosh this is the funniest blog I’ve read in ages! You’re like me…just dysfunctional enough to make you funny! My party would have Diet Coke (although I rather like Diet Dr Pepper too) and Earl Grey, a bunch of licorice and Twix, and fancy pens (because they’re always better) and also a meat & cheese tray so we could make cracker sandwiches & be fancy ladies! Congratulations on the new book…what an accomplishment!
    Trdivincenzo (at) gmail (dot) com

  50. I always put chocolate chips in our brownies and cook less than stated. Coffee would feature at any celebration I had.

    1. I forgot to mention I shared on Facebook.

  51. Congratulations! Favorite things? Books of course, adding coffee from Starbucks, tea and coca cola. O..those dove promises in dark chocolate with almonds….I love the Ghirardelli dark chocolate brownies are amazing! Ok..think needtomake some tomorrow!

    1. O..shared on my FB, FB Giveaway group & twitter

  52. Oooh, I love a good brownie. Chocolate chip is even better. With mint chocolate chip ice cream. And CHERRY Dr. Pepper. Mmmm. You have good taste.
    Sharing on Facebook and Twitter now! Congrats! Can’t wait to read it.

  53. Since we have six children, I (extremely hushed, lol) at that comment! My parties are normally Taco’s for summer, & Chili in
    Winter. With 30-40 to feed, those work well. But if I could serve whatever I wanted, it would have cheesecake bites, a chocolate fountain(chocolate dipped cheesecake & brownie bites!!!), & a Froyo bar(like Sweet Frog!)! ~ Congratulations & Happy Book Release Day!!!

  54. My favorite things are reading a good book in front of a cozy fire, cuddled up in a quilt with a cup of tea and a pastry while it is snowing outside!

  55. Congratulations on your book release day!! I love just about anything sweet but one of my favorite is brownies, oh yea cheesecake too. Red velvet cake with cream cheese icing. Oh my! I could write a whole list for sure. Of course I love to read sitting in my recliner or lying in bed, well really just everywhere I go except church. Lol! Sharing on FB and Twitter

  56. Hooray for you & your book release! My favorite things are chocolate and books. And fires. And apple cider. But mostly chocolate.

  57. I would love to have a stack full ofyummy books and generous time to read them all, while eating chocolate, while looking out into a backyard of flowers, knowing that I had a clean house, dinner in the oven and all caught up from all the extras of life!

  58. I love cheesecake, all kinds.

  59. Chocolate sheet cake

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