I’m sure most of you have heard about the massive flooding in Nashville. We’re just south of it, but our city is still waterlogged and parts flooded. Thankfully, our home is untouched and my extended family in the surrounding areas is safe too.

An astounding number of people have lost their cars, their home, and a few, even their lives. The flood was so astronomical, it flooded many places that are not a “flood plain” therefore the residents had no flood insurance.

Your prayers for the entire area and those affected by it are appreciated.

I’ve been thinking about my blog a lot this last month. We hear so much about how our blog should be targeted and we should know who our audience is. When I started blogging, I did it as a funny fluke. When I became serious about it, I knew just one thing. I didn’t want it to be for other writers only. I wanted it to be readers (which includes writers because, well, writers are readers too!!!)

So, what IS the goal of my blog? Here’s what I came up with.

  • To enter into life with others. I think Christians are called to do this, to pray for each other, to celebrate the highs and support each other in the lows. If we stay inside our own little world, we suffer. I know I’m not always good at this in person, although I’m trying to get better. But I really want my readers, both of my blog and my future published books, to feel welcome and part of the atmosphere.
  • To Glorify God. Bringing God glory is first and foremost in EVERYTHING I do, not just blogging. That doesn’t mean I want to use my blog to preach, but to let Jesus shine through me in the way He sees fit.
  • To entertain. This is the goal of my books, and I want it to be the goal of my blog too. If you come here and leave depressed or burdened, then I feel as if I’ve failed. I do make an exception to this at times when I have a prayer request, such as with baby Phillips, because I believe there is an enormous power in prayer to our Heavenly Father.
  • To make you laugh. Laughter is wonderful medicine. And it helps you lose weight, right? So laugh on my friends… and please make me laugh after baby is born, I need to lose this baby weight FAST!
  • To make you think I’m the coolest person ever so when my books get published you will all flock to the stores in groves to buy them in mass quantities to give to all your friends. I can dream right?

If you’ll notice, teaching people to write is not one of those. And really, encouraging other writers on the journey isn’t one of those main ones either, but I love to do that as well… it just wasn’t the purpose of this blog.

So, as I was contemplating the future of my blog, I was approached by a GRAND friend of mine about a new blog by a group of writers. The idea is that we would each post one day of the week, and it would be all centered around tips and encouragement for writers on the journey.

I LOVED it! I admit, I was a little undecided at first. Did I really want to commit to a second blog? But then I realized that doing so would help me further in my focus on THIS blog. I can reserve this for my funny posts, my posts that help encourage moms/women/Christians, and I can still do a once a week “writing” post as well, because ideas for them keep popping into my head!

So, without further adu, I’d like to help announce the beginning of a NEW blog, The Writer’s Alley. Pepper, Casey, Mary, Sherrinda and I will all team up to bring you writing tips that are… you guessed it… write up your alley:-) Saturday’s will be reserved for guest bloggers, and we already have a FAB lineup for May and June, and July is filling up fast! There are also “shops” on the alley that give you fun links/tips about different areas of writing/genres. Those are works in progress so be sure to check them out… links are at the top of the blog.

I am SO excited about this, and invite you all to come on over and check it out when you get a chance. My posting day will be Fridays.

Another blogging note:

I will be taking a break from both blogs for 6-8 weeks after baby comes (she’s due August 1st), maybe longer from this one depending on how baby does. Others will fill-in my spot on The Writing Alley, and I will post once every week or two here with baby updates as I am able. Think of it as a blog maternity leave:-)

Discussion: If you blog… what are YOUR goals for your blog? If you don’t… any goals you want to accomplish this week? Feel free to share and we’ll see how we did on Friday!

My goal for this week: To write ONE chapter, and finish the outstanding critiques for my crit partners.



  1. Can I say that one of my goals for my blog is to inspire without sounding completely sappy? Yes? Okay, then to inspire.
    I find your blog beautiful. And I am flocking to bookstores to buy you when you come out 🙂 So dream away :))

  2. Great reasons Krista! Your new blog sounds fun too. I can't wait to visit. 🙂

    I can't believe the flooding…seems like nature is going a little crazy.

  3. Krista, you NAILED ALL of my reasons for blogging!
    I LOVE mentoring/being menteed by other Christian writers. And dishing up encouragement is a sweet blessing from God!

    My daughter and s-i-l are in Nashville RIGHT THIS MINUTE as she is going into a Vanderbilt master's program and he is interviewing for a job at 11:00 a.m. Would appreciate your prayers!!!

    They had quite a "hello" from the big city! LOL Even tried going to a church, but it was closed!!!


  4. KP, I have been so worried about you!!! I'm so glad you posted. Can you even get to work? I saw the whole area on the other side of 65 from the office was shut down. I'm so glad your house (and everybody in it, of course) is okay! I feel like just running down there to hug you, but the stupid interstate is shut down! LOL!

  5. Awesome, Krista! I'll head over and check out your new venture! I think for now, my blog continues to be the lessons I'm learning during my writing journey, my steps to publication. Slowly, I may shift the foucs a bit. But for now, I'm having fun sharing my journey and encouraging others in the process.

  6. I love your blog.

  7. I think your new blog is super cool!

    The goal of my blog?
    To connect with writers and offer encouragement and tips. I hope someday my blog's goal can be to connect with readers, but I don't really have any sort of fan base at this point. 🙂

  8. The goal of my blog is to have fun – to open readers and writers eyes to existing good books – to touch on the humor in life – and to bring enough randomness to my blog to keep it interesting! 🙂

    I think that might be too many goals! 🙂 LOL

  9. Sounds like a great plan. I guess I made a similar mental note of what my blog is and isn't but wasn't as organized as you were. :O)

  10. Tabitha, a goal to inspire is GREAT! If I'd have thought of that word myself, would have used it myself! And WOOHOO!! Someone who will flock! yeah!!!

    Jessica, yes, nature seems like it's a little coocoo lately… but nothing takes God by surprise. *sigh*

    Patti! SO sorry your family had such a not nice intro to our city! There hasn't been flooding like this in… wow… too many years to count. This is NOT typical, and is very very sad. The news that keeps pouring in is just heartbreaking.

    Valerie… THANKS!!! It was fine to get into work this morning, but others didn't fare so well. A lot of people lost EVERYTHING. I wonder how your old house fared… LaVergne was hit hard.

  11. Jody, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog! It is just fabulous! I think that's the thing…we all have different things that are in our heart to blog about. If we all blogged about the same thing… *yawn* it would get boring after a while!! Your blog is wonderful and unique, and I know I for one live vicariously through your experiences! You share them so well!!!

    Andrea… thank you!!!!

    Katie… you're so right. I don't have a "reader" base yet either, but I figure I want to have someplace for that reader base to go when I DO get it…*grin* For now, it's my "blogger friends" future reader base, ha!

    Jaime… BLogging to have FUN! I'm totally with you!!!

    Diane… mine has always been a mental note as well. It was a bit difficult to sit down and make myself pinpoint… but helpful!

  12. Side note:

    I had the link to the new blog wrong this morning! ACK. I fixed it mid-morning, but if it didn't work this morning, that's why. It is




    Forgot the 2nd s… WHOOPS!

  13. Glad that you are all safe and dry, well, not flooded, anyway. Still praying for you guys. I already did think that you were the coolest person; am just waiting for your book to come out:)

    Have been pondering the purpose of my blog, where it's going, etc., and just did a couple of posts about what my readers think makes a blog great. Got interesting feedback and food for thought. Will check the new blog out. Thanks and blessings,

  14. My old house is probably flooded. The neighborhood drainage ditch ran along two sides of my property. I'm sure it was under water because in 2003, I had water up to about 10 feet from the house, and that was just after one major tornado-type storm. It's now a rental house, so I hope those renters had insurance.

  15. Krista, my heart goes out to all those affected by the flood. I'm glad you and your family are OK.

    I like your new group blog and look forward to visiting you there as well as seeing the exciting changes you're making here.

  16. I don't really have a "goal" for my blog. I just write and post and hope someone may get blessed by it.

    Good luck with your new site.

  17. Hi Krista –

    We're praying for you and your baby.

    Congrats on the new blogging venture. No fears, we'll be there when Amazon puts your book on its virtual shelf. 🙂


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