Random thing #1: Overdosing on hand sanitizer = my hands resembling that of an alligator. It’s what you get when you have an immune suppressed child in the house! I think it must be a brand thing… at the hospital last year my hands got a little dry, but NOTHING like they are with the stuff I use at home. Do they make moisturizing hand sanitizer (that I can afford? ha!)

Random thing #2: Annabelle stood up for TEN MINUTES STRAIGHT today. Not without holding onto anything, obviously, but I propped her up to a toy and let her go, with the TV blaring one of her favorite shows on PBS. She batted at that toy and giggled at her show for 10 whole minutes. Yes, I timed it.

Random thing #3: I have 10 picture frames placed at various parts of my house (some even hanging on walls…) that have no pictures in them, or pictures of someone else’s family (i.e. models…) Why you ask? Well, because I haven’t taken the time to print off the pictures I have planned for them! Time, time, whereforart thou time? (although, one of those frames has been displayed in my living room for years… so I guess that just points to laziness more than anything….)

Random thing #4: I just ate a Hershey Kiss… and am dreading my “come to Jesus meeting” scheduled for Friday… (aka SKINNY Friday blog post where I have to come clean on how not good I’ve been doing!)

Random thing #5: I tried to take a nap today, a very very very rare thing for me. I laid down for over 2 hours and barely dosed. I got up feeling worse and more tired than when I laid down. Mommy=not-pleased!

And those, my friends, are my random 5 things for the day.

Any random things you want to share today???? Totally off-the-wall stuff is welcome!

Fun OT times = eating beads and playing with the John Deere toy! (she had the beads hooked on the one front tooth she has!)

Man, this John Deere thing is HILARIOUS!

A little blurry… but she’s swinging sitting up! She wasn’t a huge huge fan… but then we put her on her belly and she was good with that for a bit. We were trying to get her to hold onto the ropes but she was like, “Heck no, get me OUT OF HERE.” ha!



  1. She's so sweet! And LOVE the John Deere toy!;)

  2. Aw, what cute pictures! And your hand sanitizer thing cracks me up. We got used to lots of that goop around our house after my sister's transplant too. And don't get me started on the smell of the hospital's sanitizer. Ever eaten something too soon after you put that stuff on? Ick! 🙂

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