Y’all ready for TURKEY?
A few random fun things today:

Two fun new Annabelle things…


Annabelle has discovered the fun of pushing/dragging/pulling around the shopping cart. She isn’t, however, fond of having things IN the shopping car just yet. Seen here, she was mad at mommy for putting the ball in, and two seconds after this picture, it was chucked to the floor.

STOP THE PRESSES!!!! We have…. A BOW IN HER HAIR!! and she kept it in for like an hour without screaming. This is HUGE progress, folks!

You asked, and here’s my solution!

I’ve had several non-local people ask how they could get autographed copies of my book. Because I’m not “set-up” to legally sell my own copies (sales tax stuff and all that jazz) I can’t just mail out my own copies quite yet.


I looked at other authors to see how they handled it and found that many offer what we call “book plates.”

These are basically cool stickers (that I designed myself to make them fun) that I personalize and sign, then mail back to you. You then can take this super cool sticker, peel off the back, and stick it on the inside cover of the book.

Cool, huh?!?

I don’t charge for those, because that would be silly. However, I DO ask that you mail me a self-addressed stamped envelope that I can mail them back to you in.

Autographed books make FABULOUS Christmas presents, too. *grin* (man, see, this is why I’m not in sales. I feel stupid even saying that! But seriously… if you wanna…)

Details are on the NEW tab that I created up top called Readers.

OH! And for each book plate you request, you get a corresponding Sandwich bookmark too!

If you’re in the South-of-Nashville area and havn’t picked up your copy of Sandwich, with a Side of Romance yet… well, Lifeway in Cool Springs is THE place to do it.
I think they have plenty… and on an end cap no less!

Thanks, Ashley, for the picture!!
A week or so ago, I asked for prayer for Annabelle’s horrific diaper rash she had. We finally went to the doctor on Monday and found out that it was actually a very bad skin infection. She’s on an antibiotic, and for the most part, is doing much better! Still bothers her, so continued prayers are appreciated, but not nearly as much as it did. Thank you Jesus for medicine to help my baby feel better!!!!!

But just as that starts to see improvement, she now has a cold. It’s a regular old cold…. snot and boogers and all that fun stuff. But just hoping it stays there and gets GONE soon and doesn’t turn into worse stuff like it did last time. *sigh*

And for your viewing pleasure to end this Random bits of cool/coldness on an upbeat…

Annabelle showing you her new trick!

Discussion: What’s something cool that happened to you recently? Something that made you smile and go, “Wow, God. Thanks!”



  1. Something cool that made me smile is that I sold another copy of my book about bullying yesterday. And it turns out her husband who came to talk to me afterwards is a counselor at a local high school in the area and he runs their anti-bullying club and said he would love to have me go share my story with the club! I just thought Wow Thank you Jesus!!

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