You ever have a day where you just want to curl up into the fetal position and hope that when you uncurl,, everything is just magically better???

I dunno, maybe I’m the only one…

But I’m determined to stay uncurled, look at the good AND the bad… then focus on the GOOD! So here goes:

GOOD – Booksigning is TOMORROW! EEEE

BAD – Annabelle failed her hearing test yesterday. Next step is sedated hearing test, and if that still shows issues, it is on to hearing aides, which will be permanent. BOO.

GOOD – Hubby and Kiddos (except for Annabelle) are going CAMPING this weekend. They are all SUPER excited and I know this’ll be some good and NEEDED daddy/daughter time.

BAD – Brakes (and some other stuff) on our van went out. The van that is our only vehicle that will carry our whole family. The van that really is in not stellar shape anyway, and with everything else that “will” need fixed soon (transmission… oil leak that they’ve told is would NOT be worth fixing) we are unsure if it is worth spending the $800 on to fix. But… we aren’t really in the position to buy another vehicle, so this leaves us in a BIG HONKIN’ PICKLE. This was also the vehicle hubby was taking camping, so now he has to take my car (packing 3 kids and a butt load of camping gear into it is NOT easy) and leaves me vehicleless for the weekend of my booksigning.

GOOD  – My sweet Momma has agreed to play taxi for me tomorrow. WOOHOO for mommas!

Momma has a little lamb…..

BAD – Annabelle just threw her favorite stuffed ball in the toilet.

GOOD  – Annabelle sure is cute, even when she screams at mommy telling her not to put things in the toilet…

BAD – My house is a MESS from a crazy busy week in which I didn’t have any time/energy to do anything about it.

GOOD GOOD – It’ll only be me and Annabelle this weekend, so it won’t get any messier! (and might get a bit cleaner!)

BAD – I’m a stress eater. My scale will attest to this as of late.

GOOD  – Annabelle played PATTYCAKE BY HERSELF for the first time this week! Including pattying, rolling over, and throwing it in the pan! SO PROUD OF HER! So far, haven’t gotten her to duplicate on video, but we’ll keep trying!!

There… I started with a good and ended with a good.

Here is to focusing on the good and kicking the bad in the booty.

I posted this on Facebook, but thought it worthy of a mention here too.

On Thursday, on the way to Annabelle’s hearing appointment, I heard MercyMe’s song “Jesus Bring the Rain.”

Um, yeah. I LOVE THAT SONG. It’s a reminder to me that no matter what we go through, good or bad, it’s all for GOD’S glory, and if we need to go through some stormy patches, then so be it. Bring it on, because i KNOW my Jesus will lead me through, and I KNOW that His glory will come of it, even when I don’t see it.


And then cue bad hearing test news and brakes sounding like someone is screeching in pain under my car…

Yes, Jesus brought some more rain.

And while I’m about ready to sing, “Rain, rain, go away, come again NO OTHER DAY” I know that the grass will be GREENER… and I know that this is just a light shower compared to everything else that we’ve gone through and what COULD have been.

Comparison doesn’t make the rain easier to walk through, as much as it seems that it would. 

In fact, for me, sometimes it makes it harder because I feel more guilt for being tired of going through the rain.

This momma needs some strength, not guilt. And I’d argue that is true of most of us Momma’s out there!

Oh, and a van that works well would be fabulous too. HA HA HA!

Love to you all, happy Friday, and remember to find MORE GOOD THAN BAD, because I promise, if you look hard enough, it’s there.



  1. "Tears may flow in the night, but joy comes in the morning" Psalm 30:5
    Let me tell you a little story about this amazing bible verse. My husband and I went to Simon's routine ultrasound having just gotten adapted to having another baby, even a little excited that it might finally be the girl. We were 17 weeks and, after three pregnancies that were overall successful in giving three healthy children, confident this would be easy and the most excitement would come when the gender was revealed. Sidenote: We had not regularly attended church for at least a year by this point. After the ultrasound technician found his heart defect, after we survived three different instances where we were asked if we would like to abort our little boy even though his exact defect and prognosis were not known, we were sent home to wait for insurance to approve us a visit to the cardiologist. The only thing we knew when we got home that day was that we were having a son and we needed God, immediately. That next Sunday, we dragged our broken and bleeding hearts to a friend's church. I can not tell you a word of what the pastor spoke that day, but I could tell you anything you needed to know about the voice of the man, two rows in front of us and a few seats down, who kept speaking this verse out loud. It did not fit with what the pastor was saying, it was not being said to the people the man was talking to, he just said this verse three or four times. Each time I heard it, I knew that, no matter what pain we endured on this journey we had begun, we would survive and be blessed with a new understanding of God's will and mercy, as well as a much stronger relationship. I have this verse etched into my brain and on several key items in my home, in case I'm ever searching for that reassurance again. I just wanted you to know the sweet meaning you have enabled God to give me once again on a day that has been hard for me to get through. Thank you!

  2. Isa has been aided for almost a month now…so if you have any questions you are more than welcome to message me. 🙂

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