Still haven’t had time to write a “real” blog post and post pictures!

Wanted to update quickly though:


Got a call this evening… Biopsy showed ZERO REJECTION!!!!

I love that word… ZERO!


Annabelle’s doing good… still super sleepy a lot and her tummy is NOT back to normal. She can’t eat much (by eat I mean get fed via tube) without throwing it up.

Talked to doctor, they still said it is normal, especially with her sensitive stomach. Advised to switch from water  that we normally give her to Pedialyte since she isn’t getting even close to her calorie requirement, and we really do NOT want to add dehydration to our issues.

I’m also going against my own convictions and feeding her overnight tonight. Giving her mostly pedialyte but started off with a good bit of formula mixed with Pedialyte to get some calories in her. Just slowed down the rate so she gets a little bit per hour overnight.

New Hearts

A special little baby boy at Vandy got his heart last night! He’s doing great the last time I read an update, so please be praying for him as the first few days are critical

Sad News

A precious little boy who was in the hospital much of the time Annabelle was, went to be with Jesus earlier this week. My heart aches. *big sigh* A week of such highs and lows. I’m so glad God is bigger than it all and we can trust Him in all of this, even when we really don’t understand it at all.


We’re having a garage sale Saturday morning. It’s the only Saturday my kiddos don’t have softball games, so our only option before June. And come June, Garage sales get HOT and super uncomfortable to have!

And I NEEDED my garage back! It was getting overwhelming! Getting $$ from stuff will be helpful as well. My sweet sister is helping me, otherwise I wouldn’t even attempt.

Gotta go check on Annabelle and try to get a few hours sleep. I slept with her last night (well, on her floor beside her bed… my back wasn’t pleased with me, but she was throwing up constantly and I couldn’t leave her) so praying that she stays sleeping well tonight without me.

Oh, and she’s off her oxygen tonight. Mostly because she took it out of her nose and won’t let me put it back in. As long as her SAT’S cooperate (so far, so good) I’ll let her have her way.

*yawn* I know anyone who reads this is reading it in the morning, but g’night anyway:-) Prayers for a successful sale are appreciated!



  1. praying for the little boy who got his heart! Also praying for the family who lost their child this week. I pray that God would wrap his arms around them as they grieve the lost of their son. I am so happy for you guys that the rejection is zero!!! yay!! and I hope that the sale goes GREAT tomorrow and that you get some much needed rest tonight!

  2. Oh my, sounds like you all have a ton going on. I hope you get better sleep tonight and that the sale goes well.

  3. I'm praying for you, Krista, and all they you have going. Doing a happy dance for ZERO!!!!!!!!

  4. Hope Annabelle is doing better and you got some rest last night.

    How did the garage sale go?

  5. YAHOO!! Praise God, he is good!


  6. Sometimes nothing is really something. Sooo happy Annabelle got a zero on the rejection test. Hope her tummy settles down soon.

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