Was hoping to come home today, but it was not to be.

Annabelle is looking MUCH MUCH better. But she is still having some watery stool, so is still on IV cellcept (one of her anti-rejection meds) to make sure she gets it.

Drs put my fears to ease re: her missing her rejection meds over the weekend… they said that since she was so dehydrated, it probably made the levels in her blood TOO high, vs. too low.

We started feeding her “normal” feeds today slowly though, so as long as she’s tolerating them well and can switch from IV to Gtube on her cellcept, she should go home tomorrow.

I’m at home with my kids at the moment. Scott had to work tonight. I’ll go back after he gets home late tonight. Everyone is feeling MUCH better today. Just tired and gaining energy back. Slowly testing our stomachs by eating a little. I suspect we should all be back to  normal by tomorrow.

We also found out yesterday that Annabelle tested positive for CDIFF. Long explaination, but it is a bacteria that lives in pretty much ALL of our digestive system, however when it becomes colonized or affects the colin/intestines, you have big issues. Usually this happens when you are on antibiotics and/or are in the hospital.

At first, we feared the CDIFF is what was causing Annabelle’s issues. However, we now believe it is just the same stomach virus we all have. But because she did test positive, we are starting her on a different antibiotic just in case. This is just as a precaution though, as it didn’t “smell” like CDIFF. (CDIFF evidently has a horrendous smell, much worse than, uh, normal stool.)

THANK YOU again for praying for us, and I apologize for all the yucky updates lately.

I promise, I’ll have a really GOOD update tomorrow (as long as Annabelle cooperates!!!!) WITH a few pretty cute pictures:-)



  1. So glad to hear she's doing better, Krista. My husband had a very bad experience with CDiff a few years back so I was very worried for her last night. Will continue to pray.

  2. Just got my net back at the new place. Sorry to hear you've all been sick. Praying she can go home tomorrow. God Bless ~

  3. I'm glad you're all feeling better and hope Annabelle gets to go home soon.

  4. I hope and pray you all continue to feel better soon. Especially, sweet Annabelle!

  5. Oh my! I missed your Sunday post and went back to read it!! I (to a small degree) can feel your pain. That was us last New Years Eve (along with my brother's two kids) at my mom's house. We dubbed it the "puking party." Know a little about cdiff as our pastor's wife is a nurse. It can be nasty stuff. Prayers going up here.

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