No big changes. For the most part, it was a VERY good day!

Praying she sleeps better tonight though. She tossed and turned most of the night last night, and was cranky on and off today, so Mommy got very, very little sleep. She feels SO much better when she gets a good night sleep! (and so does Mommy!)

They had changed her formula while we were in the hospital to help with her “bloody” stool, but I think it has had a not-very-swell effect. She’s pooping up a STORM… and it is pretty much liquid. Even though I coat her poor baby bottom (sorry for the TMI today) with diaper rash stuff… it is pretty much raw. I know it must hurt… which is probably part of her crankiness!

I made a Mommy decision to change her back to her other formula, as I wasn’t fully convinced it was the formula causing her issue in the first place. Will talk with the doctor on Thursday about it at our next clinic visit.

Did get a call from them today to confirm that all her labs yesterday were great or improving! YEAH!!!! Her BNP that had gotten up to >4000 (should be like less than 100) that showed severe heart-failure is now below 1000! It is always elevated after heart surgery, so we are very excited that it has come down that low!

Some other important numbers are trending lower too, which again shows that she is going the right direction. YEAH!

My Lacy had to go to the doctor today in NC. She has a “throat infection” although it isn’t strep… but they still put her on antibiotics. Poor baby was having horrible headaches and had ran a fever for quite a while. It hurts my Mommy heart not to be there with her to take care of her, but at the same time, I know it would have been SO hard to have her here too, as we have to be super careful with Annabelle and germs. Please pray that the antibiotics help, and that she gets feeling better SOON, and that none of the other girls or my inlaws get sick!

Another note (and main reason I am blogging tonight….) Please keep Anna Reese in your prayers tomorrow! This is Annabelle’s heart-friend at Vanderbilt… she is having a heart cath tomorrow due to the issues she has been having. PLEASE pray that this fixes her issues and gives her better blood flow so she can breathe well!!! She really needs STRONG lungs too so she can come down off her oxygen and be more stable at home.

THANK YOU all for your prayers!!!! You are AMAZING!!!



  1. I'm glad Annabelle had a good day, but I'm sorry Lacy is sick. I hope the antibiotics help her and that she feels better soon.

  2. Annabelle is continually in my prayers. I will add Lacy to those prayers and I hope she feels better soon.

  3. I'm sorry Lacy is sick and away from you. That is so hard :(. We have dealt with Simon's butt being raw due to antibiotics every time they put him on them. One thing you can do to help her get some comfort (especially before bed) is to let her soak in a baking soda bath. It takes alot of the redness and stinging out of the rash for them and gives at least a little relief. I have used this trick on 3 of my 4 kids and it works wonderfully :). We also keep him coated with the orange cream the hospital uses, Calazime Skin Protectant Paste, whenever he isn't soaking in the tub. I hope she finds relief soon, those diaper rashes can be so awful 🙁

  4. still praying. I am sorry Lacy is sick. Continuing to pray for Annabelle's friend who is in the hospital. Glad to hear that Annabelle is stable.

  5. I never left a comment before, But we have been following Annabelle's blog for sometime, my kids and I have been praying for her. I have to tell you I have 5 kids and what Lacy has the really high fever for up to a week; 3 of my kids had that fever, there is a week inbetween that no one is sick then the next one gets it. 4 of the kids and I all have Strep throat. Just letting you know that this is going around and I hate to say it but for Annabelle's sake you might want to keep them away for a little longer. Many continued prayers for Annabelle, Lacy, you, hubby and girls. While my 22 month old was sick with this fever thing, I would be up with him in the night, I felt so helpless, that is when I would think of you and Annabelle and really poor my heart out to God to bless you and precious Annabelle.

  6. Glad you had a good day. Sorry that Lacy is under the weather, though. Thinking and praying for you all! 🙂

  7. Sorry to hear that Lacy is sick. I know it is hard to have a sick child and not be able to be there. We will pray for her. We will also keep Anna in our prayers, too. Please let us know when you have the results from her cath.

    We continue to pray for Annabelle and you. I hope you both had a better night last night and that tonight lends itself to more rest for you both.

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