Just when I try to simplify, all … crap… breaks loose.


Annabelle ran a fever ALL day yesterday.

My Gabby woke up at 5 a.m. puking. Has since puked again with…. other stuff (hence the crap…)

And now Mommy is a bit nauseous… (unsure if it’s from actually the start of getting sick or the FEAR of getting sick…)

 I have NO clue what to do:-/ I can’t not take care of Annabelle if I’m sick but if she gets this… last time the stomach flu hit us, it ended in a 4 day hospital stay for Annabelle.

And Annabelle requires held from mommy… I already tried to divert her attention and NOT hold her once and just gave the most horrible look like, “Mommy, why don’t you love me?”

I gave in and held her really quick. 🙁

Please please please pray that we can keep this contained, that Mommy doesn’t get sick, that Gabby gets better QUICK, and that no one else in the family gets this crud.

I just… yeah. I know it happens, it’s just one of those things that there is NEVER a good time for…

But now is a REALLY not good time. *sigh*



  1. So sorry….wish I lived closer..Lord Jesus protect and heal as only you can, Amen

  2. Praying for you and your family Krista. I know how you feel. My oldest, Zoie, has been sick lately and it just terrifies me. I know having a chd baby was hard but sometimes I feel like I don't take care of Zoie good enough or like I should when she is sick because I'm so scared of getting sick and then not being able to care for Raygen. Just like with Annabelle, last time Raygen had a cold we also spent a week in the hospital. SO my heart is with you and I'm sending lots of healing prayers. You help me stay sane in this emotional roller coaster of life with an chd child. I also wanted to let you know we had to give our dog away also for the health of Raygen so just know you do what you have to do. We were blessed with miracle children and its our job to take care of them. Your doing great!!

  3. Oh no!!! I'll pray those nasty germs go far, far away!

  4. Praying against sickness!It will be o-k.


  5. Praying you and Annabelle (and the remainder of your family) manages to stay well!

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