Well, this morning, Annabelle’s birthday wasn’t stellar. But it has gotten much worse. Please pray that Jesus would have his hand upon the birthday girl and that she would recover fast!

She’d had a horrible night last night, cried much of the time, ran a fever, but we took her Jammies off and it went down immediately. But the fever came back this morning… 102… and we tried all morning to get it down.

We gave her Tylenol, and I decided to try and go to work for a few hours. On my way out, I realized the Ronald McDonald room here was having a sponsered lunch (Chick fil a… YUM) so I was going to wait a minute and grab me lunch first.

When I did, I called work to check in and see how everything was going. My wonderful employee told me that I should really just stay here, because the weather was going to get bad and they really had everything under control. Because I had a laptop case full of work with me that i could work on here, I decided to go ahead and stay here, because I just had a feeling that I should.

Well, God is good, and He gives us those feelings sometimes, because when I got back to her room, she was desatting quite a bit. We tried to work with her for the next ten minutes or so, thinking maybe the probe wasn’t picking up right, but no. She was steadily in her 50’s, which is NOT NOT good at all.

To make a long story short, she got better after a big, her fever came down, so Scott and I left to check into our Ronald McDonald Room (I’d called him when doctor’s were frequenting our room and discussing scary stuff… and he rushed here.) When we got back, low and behold she was on CPAP!


Evidently she desatted again while we were gone, they got a blood gas, and her CO2’s that are supposed to be like 40 or under… but for her run in the 60’s or 70’s… were 100! This is very very bad for her. THey have intubated her with CO2’s lower than that.

Thankfully, we did a repeat gas and it was better after CPAP, but now Annabelle is ticked at the machine on her nose, she hasn’t peed as much as she should so that worries me, and it’s just been a really really long day.

God knows though, and I am SO thankful that He urged me to stay here. The weather is bad so it would have been a slippery mess getting back here. Scott is going to stay here tonight with me too, which I am SO SO thankful for!

I know I beg for prayers all the time, but please just pray specifically for Annabelle today. We really don’t know what is causing her issues today… we have her on an antibiotic just in case there is an infection causing the fever, have done a viral panel to see if it’s a virus. But IF for some reason a heart became available right now, this could very well cause her not to be able to get one. We REALLY REALLY need to keep her well right now!

Also, please pray for Annabelle’s friend (another Anna). She had her Glenn yesterday and it did not go well, and she’s still having many, many issues today and is on ECMO.

The Anna’s (as well call them) need a lot of prayer today!!!



  1. Please, don't worry about asking us to pray all the time. That's what's needed these days, so ask!!

    I'm praying!!

  2. Stinky indeed. Sooo glad you felt the urge to stay back. Praying…

  3. Praying for the Annas (and their parents) right now.

  4. Praying for the two ladies right now. Verena

  5. Sending prayers for all of you today. You know you all remain in my thoughts and prayers at all times.

  6. Honey we pray for her all day every day, whether you ask us to or not! There are people all over the world who are on my facebook who ask if we haven't heard from you, and pray without ceasing…so you can rest assured that somewhere in the world at any given hour someone is prayng for your family (Multiply my FB friends times the many other friends you have with FB and then those people are sharing with their churches and friends…and so on and so on, so that you guys are always covered and never without prayer! Praying in Hershey (hoping one day to be sending you chocolate kisses to share with our girl) ~Cheri

  7. I'm so glad you DO ask us to pray. There's so little else we can do. I've asked a bunch of people to join in praying for you, too. In fact, before I even had read this post I asked the ladies in my small group tonight to be praying for Annabelle.

  8. Praying on Pacific time. Just sent another one up.

  9. Praying Krista! Praying so much for your Annabelle. That could would put a hedge of protection around her. That He would make her get better so that she's ready for a heart.

  10. Poor Annabelle! I'll definitely pray for her and her little friend Anna. So sorry it's been a rough day!

  11. That picture made me cry… my daughter (8 months old) has the exact same soother (and I don't know any other babies who do). Praying for you.

  12. Praying for Annabelle and Anna and you as well.

  13. I'm still praying for Annabelle…

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