ACFW is *counts on fingers* four days away!

Well, I leave in four days. Technically, since it is Saturday night, I leave in three and a half days. But who’s counting?? (besides me… *grin*)

I am no where near ready but am working on it. If you could send a few prayers for me, I would appreciate it.

I’ve decided that while I am away, I am going to attempt to blog about the conference. This might be blog suicide, but I wanted to send my kiddos and hubby pictures of the conference anyway, so what better way than to blog and post pictures each night?

I think it will be fun! If you aren’t going to ACFW, make sure you visit my blog next week as I give the highlights and fun pictures from Minneapolis! (*gulp* I commit to this even though I KNOW I will be rediculously busy… but I’m a multi-tasker.. it’s ok!)

Of course, if I get that BIG multi-million dollar contract deal while I’m there, I’ll be sure to post that here as well. (LOL!)



  1. Hey Krista, I wish you the best at ACFW. I’m so sad I can’t go this year…but I’m on for 2009 in Denver!!

    Yes, upload pix, I’d love to see what it was like. I’m going to my first conference EVER next month here in Arizona. I get to do two pitches, so …. I’m getting nervous. I hope to hear about how your pitches went at ACFW!

    Have a great day and keep at that preparation!

  2. Krista! You won A Passion Redeemed on my blog and I don’t have your email address!!! Send me your mailing address at melaniedickerson at knology dot net ASAP so I can mail it before conference! See you there, Forum Buddy!!!

  3. Lynn, I’ll sure post about that, but it needs to be told that I am a complete novice at pitching, so my post will most likely be a really big “Here’s what I did that was really dumb, so you know not to do it yourself!”


    Good luck at your conference in Arizona!!!!

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