Today is the day.

Sweet Anna Reese, Annabelle’s BFF since about 3 months of age, will be having her Fontan surgery.

This is the third and final stage for kiddos with HLHS like she and Annabelle. Although, obviously, Annabelle didn’t make it that far and had to go the transplant route.

Please keep Anna Reese in your prayers today, as well as her parents, Daniel and Melissa, and two sisters.

Last I heard from Melissa, they were anticipating the surgery to take 8+ hours.

Anna Reese has not had a simple course. And her Fontan will not be a simple one. Her Glenn (stage 2) was very dangerous and almost took her life. We are believing that Anna will come through this surgery fabulously, that it will be the LAST ONE, and that her recovering would be quick and uneventful.

Could you please stop for a moment as you read this and pray for sweet Anna? And continue to do so throughout the day?

God hears the prayers of his people.

I know her family, and I, would appreciate it greatly.



  1. Praying! How did she do?

  2. She did great!!!! She came the surgery fantastic, was extubated off the ventilator this morning, now we just need to pray for a quick recovery, that her heart/body continues to handle this new blood flow well, and that she does GOOD BREATHING!!!

  3. How is Anna Reese???

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