I went home tonight to see my eldest daughter in her school play. Then went out to eat with my family, then was headed back to the hospital, but my WONDERFUL husband convinced me to stay home and sleep in my OWN bed and let him go be with Annabelle at the hospital.

So, after giving strict instructions to call me with an update as soon as he got to the hospital, I took my girls home (except Gabby… who went to NC with Grandma, but that’s another story) and got settled in watching a movie with them.

Scott called, but not with the “she’s doing great” news I was expecting.

Evidently a half hour before he got there, she took a turn for the not-so-great. Her work of breathing increased, and her O2 sats were way too low (50’s and 60’s). Her blood gas, which is usually what goes bad, looked fine though.

They increased her vapotherm as high as it could go, but it didn’t help. They have put her on CPAP and have the ventilator in her room, already set up, ready to put her on it at a moments notice. They’ve also started her on yet another heart medicine, dopamine, which she hasn’t been on in… wow, not even sure she was on it after her second heart surgery so it was a LONG time a go.

Anyway, I’ve taken my kiddos (in their PJs) to my eldest sister’s house and am back at the hospital. So much for a night in my bed! But Annabelle is so much more important.

Please pray for her tonight, that she can stay OFF the ventilator, that her heart will start squeezing better (they think this is her problem, poor heart funciton) and that she can have a good night sleep and keep her sats up.

Prayer for my headache and my nerves is appreciated too, but so very much not nearly as important.



  1. Annabelle will be the focus of my prayers tonight… as will you.

  2. Krista,
    Thank you for sharing your cares and allowing us to join you in prayer for Annabelle. I carry her in my heart.

  3. Praying! I've been following your blog for awhile but don't think I've ever commented!

    Praying that you feel God's arms around you and holding you right now. He has your precious baby in His arms too!!

    Praying your headache goes away too because I've spent time in the hopsital with my baby and know that when you aren't feeling 100% everything feels harder!

    Praying! Praying! Praying!

  4. Praying now!!! Hang in there! God is at work!

  5. Yes, Krista–I'll pray for both of you!

  6. Will definitely be praying.

  7. Annabelle and her heart have been on mine today. I've lifted her in prayer many times and will continue to do so.

    Hugs, Krista.

  8. I'm praying and put up a request on my blog (last night too, before I even knew this) God is amazing how He does that.

  9. I am praying for the both of you Krista.

  10. Praying for Annabelle!! (((hugs))

  11. Krista, I am praying for your beautiful little Annabelle, that the Lord would just hold her little heart in His hands and do the work for her that it needs to do, also praying for her new heart that the Lord is caring for it too.

    I find you to be a incredibly strong woman, I pray that you will feel the Lords arms around you today.

  12. Hi Krista,
    Just read this and I will continue to lift you, Annabelle and all your beautiful family in prayer. I pray that she is doing wonderfully right now and that you get the rest you need.
    Linda and the Rojas fam

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