Surgery went well. No complications at all. They did come back and do an Xray and found a big blob of air inside her, so they had to put in a small chest tube. It should come out tomorrow or Saturday at the latest.
Our biggest problem now is pain. My heart is breaking hearing her. I’m trying my best to console her, but still trying to keep my distance since I’m still a little junky and do NOT NOT NOT want to get her sick on top of her pain!

She’s been given pain medicine, but she still moans and groans even in her sleep. It is just pitiful to hear and watch when she is constantly wincing. I want to take it away SO very badly!! They have upped the frequency she can have meds… but it doesn’t seem to be helping that much. I feel like once they can get the chest tube back out, hopefully that will help some too. The incision is just in a bad spot… and is a little bigger than I expected (although some of the nurses were surprised at the smallness of the incision so I guess I was underestimating it!)

She’s also running a very low fever tonight that we are keeping an eye on. It is probably just from her working herself up, but fevers are NO NO NO good!

On the BIG bright side… she was extubated before she got back to her room, and they put her immediately on nasal canula instead of vapotherm which she was on. And only of .5 of a liter!!! She is doing GREAT on that, unless of course when she is hurting and she holds her breathe between cries (also heartbreaking to watch!)

We have great hope that with her new room in her chest, she’ll be able to take much deeper breathes and can get off oxygen soon and go HOME. Please, dear Jesus, let it be so!

Biggest prayer tonight though is for Annabelle to be able to sleep and not hurt so bad.

Her big ouchy incision on her back. I hurt just looking at it!

Dazed and confused after they gave her some meds to send her to happy land for chest tube incision. This is right after they did it and let Scott and I back in. She was EXTREMELY loopy and out of it!



  1. I am so sorry that she is in pain Krista, I cannot imagine how difficult that must be. Poor Annabelle, I will be praying for her! Praying that tomorrow will be better!

  2. Oh sweet, sweet Annabelle, we pray for the pain to be gone in Jesus name! Perhaps too she is irritated and the drugs could make her whimper too (at least that was the case for my daughter, it seemed) The pain is a reality but sometimes they are just down right ticked off! (and can we blame them).
    Lifting Annabelle up in prayer! Speedy recovery and then HOME! Yahoo!

    With love,

  3. I am glad to hear that the surgery went well, but so sad to hear how much pain she is in. Praying tonight that Our Heavenly Father would help Annabelle with her pain and fever and just help her to be able to rest. Praying also for you Krista that you would feel better and for encouragement . God bless you

  4. Oh, poor little sweetheart. I'm praying that she rests well and heals fast! Hope you get better too, Krista!

  5. Oh, the poor little thing! It is heartbreaking for me to imagine so I can only imagine what it must be like for you. We'll continue to pray and hope to hear that she is on the road to recovery and soon will be on her way home.

  6. I'm hurting for you as you hurt for your hurting little princess. May her pain soon be a thing of the past. Praying for a brighter day tomorrow.

  7. That must be so hard..God Bless her Friday please!

  8. Dear Heavenly Father,
    I come to You in the name of Jesus with a very special request. Lord, You've been with Annabelle since before she was born.You've seen her endure inconceivable pain and struggles just to do the simplest of things, like breathe. Father, I am pleading with You on her behalf. Let this little one be healthy. You've blessed her so much, with the heart, a loving family, and amazingly devoted physicians and care takers, Father please, I ask that You would complete the healing You have begun. I pray for peace in her recovery. I pray for peace for her family. I pray that You would intervene, comfort, and strengthen, as only You can. Please Father, let the fevers cease, let the pain of her first 9 months fade away so that she can become the beautiful woman of God that You've created her to be. Let her go home with her family and let them be able to enjoy the small moments amongst the chaos. Lord I pray You would rain down blessings upon this little girl and her family, by Your grace and mercy.


  9. Praying for all of you, Krista.
    Happy Mother's Day! 🙂
    Hugs and blessings,

  10. Poor baby girl! I am praying that the pain goes away and that she is able to rest and heal. Hopefully the little fever is just her body adjusting to the latest procedure.

  11. Poor, sweet baby. Praying for the pain to go away and for mama to get some rest.

  12. I agree with Lis prayer. Were two or more Lord you said it is finished.

    It just came to me that before Bowen got to go home we had done a fast n prayer.

    david fast. those who cant do food, Something we put before God t.v ie.pray about it. I'd like to start tomorrow.

    Joy. Arizona is praying for you and your family.

  13. Aw, Krista – her color looks oh so good. I wish it was over and both of were home together but remember the many, many lives you've touched – the lives we've prayed for we wouldn't have even known about but for the wonderful contact with you to let us know when someone needed something or no longer needed anything.
    Thank you, Krista, for being their emissary for allowing us to share someone else's burden as well as yours – You shared the prayer light (spotlight) very well, my dear, and soon you will both be home and very, very contented!
    Joyfully continuing to lift you, Annabelle and the rest of those precious ones of yours to our Lord and His safe keeping and will.

  14. I just came back from my trip abroad and read about Annabelle's surgery.
    I so hope and pray she and you feel better today!


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