Nothing says love like a nice little poem.

But, one thing I have not and will not profess to be is a poet. In 7th grade Language Arts class, I was getting such a GREAT grade (I had tons of extra credit so had like an A+++++) my teacher told me I only had to get like a 20% on my final test to still get an A in his class.

And guess what my final class was on? Yep. Poetry. The nerve!

So I did what any normal 7th grader would do at the time. I rejoiced and didn’t study a lick. I could guess my way to 20% right? Besides, reading poetry was the equivalent of poking my eyes out. (This would be why I’m a lover of good ole popular fiction vs. literary fiction… ha!)

After the test, my teacher tracked me down. He had a deep frown on his face, which was never a good sign. He handed me my paper with a big ole F on it (I’d assumed that anyway) and told me that it’d taken him to the very last page for me to get my required 20%.

I was a bit embarrassed, but whatever! I still Aced the class!!!

So, yeah, I’m a horrible poet. My husband is a songwriter and I’m no help to him at all. I can give him IDEAS, and that’s about it.

Despite this, in honor of the end of February, this month of love, I am going to write a poem, dedicated to my hubby, who I love more than life itself. Honey? Please read the HEART of this poem and not judge me by my bad poetry, kay? Thanks!


Roses are re… (just kidding!)

Serious now:

God sent you to earth
By allowing your mother to give birth (shut-up, it rhymed!)
And formed the Internet
And the chat room where we met.

He said, “Krista, log thee on.”
And I obeyed, saying “Sure, I’ll chat till dawn!”
He said, “Scott, get your butt online.”
And you obeyed, saying “Sure, that’d be just fine.”

We fell in love
On our virtual loveseat of luv.
And met that Christmas week
And of each, we got our first peek.

Less than one year later
We were wed at the alter
Then the next November
Of our family, Karalynn became a member.

Now, almost eleven years has past
Since that fateful chat room party blast
Our family now includes three little girls
I wouldn’t trade our love for all this world’s Diamonds and pearls.

**Discussion time**

Come on, I posted my ah, wonderful? poem. Please, some of you poets out there (or some of you non-poets too!), share some of our own!




  1. Lol, the poem made me laugh and it was cute! I’m terrible at poetry but I used to think I was master of the Haiku. Let’s see…

    Write because I must
    Words that decorate my world
    Real life is no fun

    Ugh…maybe I should stick to prose. Have a great day!

  2. Krista,
    That was so sweet and cute! See? Your a poet and you didn’t even know it! 😉

  3. Glad I could make y’all laugh:-) (and scored a few brownie points with the hubby, lol!)

    Cindy, LOVED the Haiku!!

  4. Just thought I would say hello and leave you a note on your blog….

  5. What Travis??? No poetry out of you??? I’m disappointed.. LOL

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