My husband and I met in a chat-room.

Some of you, many of you, may know that already, but wanted to get the obvious about this story out of the way. It is a long story, and maybe I’ll blog about it someday, but for now, just tuck that into the back of your brain.

When we were chatting, before we met, one of the natural discussions we had was music. My husband was in a band at the time. Actually, I think they were in the process of breaking up when I met them. When I asked him what kind of music he liked, I was discouraged.

He liked rock! And I don’t mean just plain ole rock, but head banging ear splitting make you want to jump of a cliff rock and roll. His favorite bands were Grammatrain, Mortification and Skillet.

Out of those three, I have a feeling most of you have only heard of one. Skillet!

Yes, that is right, my husband was a pure blooded panhead. He lived and breathed skillet songs. He sent me a video to let me “meet” him before we actually met in person, and taped himself 1.) performing a skillet song on his guitar in his living room and 2.) Driving down the road to work listening and singing along (and head-banging along) to a Skillet song. And yes, he was DRIVING while he was doing all this. A VERY VERY scary thought!

At first, I tried to listen to them. It was one of those things you do when you have a boyfriend and you are trying to impress him by listening to the music he listens to, and pretending to be knowledgeable about the sports he likes.

I gritted my teeth for the first few months of “Saturn”, “Gasoline”, and “Paint”. But one day it clicked. I started to like Skillet.

I then liked them a little more, and a little more. I then started bobbing my head along, and almost banging it a few times when no one was looking.

The thing about Skillet was that I LOVED their lyrics. They were different, unique. They made you think. It’s kinda like in writing, we are supposed to SHOW not TELL. Many songs TELL you what to do, TELL you how to live, and TELL you how to cope with pain. Skillet’s song painted the picture for you. They made you use your brain and think (which was hard sometimes when you were so busy banging it up and down…).

Back, then Skillet only had one CD. It was self-titled Skillet. That copy of ours is now VERY worn out and we need to purchase a new one:-) They have tons of new ones out, some better than others, but I still like them. I still label myself a panhead. In more recent days, their popularity has soared and they are now heard frequently on radio stations around the country (before you were really lucky if you heard them on the radio!)

Ok, nuff of my skillet rambling. On to my song of the day. I am choosing an oldy but a goody that I’ve already mentioned above.

Yes, it is “Gasoline”. It is an extension of my topics of late.

It shouldn’t be about us, it should be about God. We should be consumed by God. The chorus sings, “Soak my heart in Gasoline. Light a match and consume me. Soak my pride in Gasoline, ALL OF YOU, AND NONE OF ME!”

Ohhhh, and WOW, the second verse. I hope quoting these aren’t wrong, but they are just too good not to! “I was reminded my heart reeks of gasoline, It bears the mark of a slave committed to life. (and here’s my favorite part…) Anyone who wants it, will have to grab it, from a BIG BIG God!, try to touch me, You’ll be consumed, you’ll be consumed!”

WOW! THAT is what I want. I want to be so consumed with the fire of Jesus Christ that ANY enemy that tries to grab me is completely consumed with his fire as well!!

And the next verse… If you have ever ever struggled with your worth in God, if God can forgive you, if you are truly worth of Him, WOW, this just says it all. “I’m sitting here with my heart out on the table, next to a bloody mess that once was a man’s heart, I look at God and said, What do you want me to do with this? He said, Already done, Already done, that heart was Jesus!”

It is a gruesome picture, and makes me want to cry sitting here thinking about it, but it IS already done. It is finished. Thank you, Jesus it is finished!!

So, I may not have made you all panheads today, but do recommend you put a pan on your head and go buy a CD! (The picture at the top is of their original CD)

I’m attaching the youtube of their “music video”. Enjoy *grin*