FOLLOWER UPDATE: I have THREE, count them THREE, new followers to welcome to Krista’s reflections! (I, btw, hate my blog title, but because people actually come here it’s too late to think of something more creative. Ah, oh well!)

Christina Berry
Jeanette Levellie

So glad y’all could join in the fun! WOOHOO!

I love my children, and I gotta same sometimes they surprise me. I wish I had a tape recorder sometimes just to capture what they say and how the reason things in their mind. My Lacy, age 5, was signing me a “song” tonight, one she made up as she went, and basically just put in everything she could think of off the top of her head. It was hilarious,and humbling. She sang about Jesus love and how we all need his love. Then she sang about how Jesus gives us everything that we want and that if our parents say no, then just pray and ask Jesus instead.

Obviously that last part we had quite a chat about when she was finished, but it was just all too cute!

Then later, I found a poem my daughter wrote, I believe, earlier in the school year. (THis is my 8 year old)

Without further adu, Karalynn’s Poem:

I once was a baby
and now I’m grown up
Now I now God (that was her misspell, 2nd now=know)
and love him forever

I’d never miss him
cause hes right here beside me
he’s the powerful one
he never shoots a gun.

And that, my blogging friends, is TRUELY priceless.



  1. Wow. They’ve actually refreshed ME.

  2. Sounds like you have another writer in the family! And, I think your blog title is just fine!

  3. I think it might be nice to “now I now God.” I might try to now him more!

    I love reading stories about your girls (I have 3 little girls, too).

    ~ Wendy

  4. Nice post. And congrats on more followers. I wouldn’t change your blog title though. It’s good enough.

  5. T.Anne, so glad! They tire me most days, but their sweet adorable moments are worth it all!

    Jody, LOL, yes, Karalynn has a way with words.

    Wendy, I need to “now” God more too! You have three little girls?!? How sweet! Do you have tons of princess tea parties like us? They are a joy… but somedays (points to my thinning hair)

    Eric, lol, ‘it’s good enough’ says it all! And no, I won’t change it. It would mess up any current links to it and just be a big huge PAIN. I don’t mind it, it’s just not what I would have chosen now.

  6. Hey, I only follow deep reflective blogs!

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