Clinic visit today was reassuring. ECHO was unchanged, as was EKG. We are hoping her oxygen issue was just an issue with the concentrator, as she is satting normal on a tank on her hold settings. So we are on a higher concentrator setting, and I’m okay with that for now!

Viewed her labs online last night, and they all look okay from what I can tell. Sodium is good… but I’d LOVE for her to get off her Sodium supplement (Insurance had a fit that we were sent home on it… they said if she needed to be on sodium she should still be in the hospital, although I think they finally realized how much cheaper the $17 Sodium was gonna be than a prolonged hospital stay!)

I forgot to mention in my last post how our FIRST OUTING as a family went!!!!

It was pretty good! We went to Olive Garden for dinner. (THANKS to those who had provided us the giftcards… I’d been saving them up for this occassion!)

We went a bit early so we wouldn’t have any crowds… plus it was only a Tuesday night… so we got a nice corner table all to ourselves with no one around to caugh any germs on Annabelle!

Annabelle was a little stunned. She spent the first while just looking around trying to figure things out. She then got fussy, so we had our first trip to a public restroom for a diaper change. Mommy quickly realized she’d forgotten an important purchase: A diaper changing pad! So we laid down her blanket on the diaper changer instead and just didn’t use it the rest of the trip. Suffice to say, a trip to Target is in my future sometime BEFORE Annabelle goes out again!

Mommy held her most the rest of the time while I ate my food. She had fun looking around and playing with her toy we brought her. She even had a VERY small bite of Mommy’s mashed potatoes… but wasn’t sure what to think about it!

My other girls LOVED having their sister with them!!!! They grinned the entire time.

I did realize, however, that I have much work to do regarding them.

Manners, in general, are now non-existant.

Gabby looked at me from across the table, irritated. ” Cut up my stupid spaghetti.”

Mommy: “Um, excuse me?”

Gabby repeated herself.

Mommy: “Can you ask nicely?”

Gabby: “Fine. Cut up my spaghetti.”

Mommy, flabbergasted: “How about, ‘Mommy, will you please cut up my spaghetti?”

Gabby: “Fine. Will you please cut up my spaghetti?”

I counted that as a minor victory. We will have discussions later about the use of the word “fine.”


Don’t even get me STARTED on our new “chore” schedule. My children are NOT pleased, but I have 4 little girls and I CAN NOT DO EVERYTHING. I just can’t.

I can tell this week that Annabelle is more grumpy, but I really think part of it is getting less attention, that and getting used to the commotion her 3 sisters bring. But she still needs specialized care, and balancing it and still giving my other three children the time and attention they deserve is hard. And while it may seem selfish, I realize that I need at least a wee bit of time to myself too. It’s why I’m still making myself blog every few days. And I really want, NEED, to carve out writing time too, and I’m still working on projects for my old job from home, and I NEED the money from that, so must carve out that time too.

Ohhhhh, time, time time, SUCH a precious commodity!

We’ll figure it out soon enough. Next week will be better. It’s already getting a little better everyday. The girls are slowly getting used to doing their chores and getting better at picking up after themselves.

And one REALLY nice thing about having them home is that I have FETCHERS again. “I need a diaper!” “I need her venting syringe!” (although the first time I asked I got some pretty funny looks from them…) To not have to lug Annabelle around the house to get things I need for her is SO very nice!

Speaking of Annabelle… it is 8 a.m. and she is STILL SLEEPING!!! I’m okay with that though, as I’ve been checking her SATs and they have been right at 90, so WOOHOO! She woke up about 5:30 for a diaper change, and cried for a minute at 7, but went right back to sleep.

Prayers today for my husband are appreciated. I am going to “work” for some of my project stuff that can’t be done here. I had it preschedule dwith them for today, so he will be here by himself with all 4 kiddos. PLEASE pray it goes well, that there are no hiccups with Annabelle, and that the girls mind him… I’m trying not to be worried about being gone most of a day… this is my first time leaving them home for this long.

Oh, and ALSO a big thank you to those who are providing meals to us!!! Our church set up a “Care Calendar” and it has been SUCH a blessing!!!! Thank you Thank you to those who have provided and those who have signed up so far! You all are amazing!

Scott and I took Annabelle to the park last week… it was a VERY quick trip and was just to eat a quick lunch on the picnic tables, but Annabelle had a time. She thought the wind was VERY weird and tried to eat it!

Chillin’ at Olive Garden!

Momma and Annabelle!

My three girls!!! Hind sight… I realized Scott took most of the pics with his camera and I didn’t get any of him! He was there though… I promise!!!



  1. Aw, So glad you could get out! Will be praying for your hubby today, for sure. (And for you…that you can focus on work and not worry about him.) 🙂

  2. Hooray, a family outing! And to Olive Garden, one of my fave places!
    So glad to hear your news. Hang in there, still praying for you all.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Annabelle's first outing … what a day!! And what a blessing!

    You DO need time for yourself or you will be worn out before you know it. You can't take care of all of your family when you do not take care of yourself (I sound like dr. Phill, LOL, but it's true!)

    Your girls will get used soon enough at your rules and the chores they need to do. They are bright girls, they'll understand and get the hang of it!

    Praying for you and your hubby today. Don't worry … dads can take care of families too! 😉

  4. Happy Canada Day!

    What a lot of changes! I am thrilled that beautiful Annabelle is doing so well and is home, praise GOD! And I am so happy for your wonderful news about your book Krista, I honestly can't think of anyone who deserves it more than you! You bet I'll buy a copy when it comes out and some for friends too!

    Praying God continues to pour his blessings and healing upon your amazing little family!

    With many prayers, Shannon 🙂

  5. Krista, I about died laughing when I read what you said that about Gab-Gab!! Not that it is funny at all… but I can totally see her right now looking across the table at you and saying that. She was doing that to mom and I all week end last week. I am certain however mommy Krista will have no problem putting her in her place pretty quickly. Any bravo on the schedule for the girls. They will never admit it but they are going to be sooo much more at peace when they have structure. It is good that they are a part of bring order to chaos! Love those girls!!! Love Ya!! jami

  6. Baaah!!! I just went back and read my post. I am sure as a writer you are ashamed to have me as your sister. I am not really that stupid! I just changed things I was gonna say but didn't go back and make all the necessary changes. Forgive me. jami

  7. Glad to hear that the family dinner at Olive Garden went well and it sounds like you're starting to form a routine. I'm sure it will need adjustments and tweaks from time to time but it will get there. I promise.

    I know what its like trying to work on the kids when you've had to be away for so long. I remember those days when we first brought Daniel home. It was good to be home but there was a lot of work we had to do with our oldest.

    I'll continue to pray for you and your family. And as far as time, I've been trying to apply that verse that is something like this: Teach us to number our days aright that we might gain a heart of wisdom. Whenever I'm praying for this area in my life, I will try to also pray for you in the same area.

    Have a wonderful July 4th holiday. May God continue to bless you.

  8. When we took our daughter out for a family dinner for the first time my older girls were very much like yours big smiles the enitre time but little manners. Unless you live this type of lifestyle you dont realize all the elements a mom has to go through other than the sick baby stuff. Reading your blog helps me not be so alone especially as the days get closer to our next trip to Mott for yet another open heart surgery.

  9. love that shot of her trying to eat the air! 🙂

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