Where we went for dinner:

Me giving Cookie the trail cook some love:

Scott chattin’ with the Indian Chief:

Me getting on the good side of the Sheriff.

We did not dance… but it would have been fun had we gone on a “dancin’ night”

The slide…. oh so tempting!

And as you can see… we couldn’t resist the temptation!

Time to stop playing and start eatin’!

Cute Scott!


Ahhh… So much love! Two kids at heart… even after 10 years of marriage!
This is us!



  1. Krista, looks like fun! LOVE the slide pix.

  2. Hi Krista –

    You guys are so cute! I might not climb a tree, but I'd go down that slide. 🙂


  3. Super cute…looks like you guys had a blast!

  4. There is no shame in having fun and embracing your inner child… even after 10 years of marriage! 🙂 Looks like fun!

  5. Ah, you're adorable!!! And you are just as wild as I imagined! Hope you had a fun few days! I imagine you're headed home by now!

  6. Happy, happy anniversary, and thanks to Scott for being such a good sport about the banquet night and all the giggling girls.

  7. Very sweet! Glad you guys made date time with each other so much fun. :O)

  8. THese are great pics. You look like you guys are on top of the world there. Your kids will love these pics I'm sure!!

  9. Oh wow. Looks like you're having fun!

  10. hmmm…maybe I should post the VIDEO of Krista going down the slide on my blog. Unfortunately there is no video of myself!

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