Friday, at 11:30 A.M. , my hubby and I set out for an adventure.

Really, we set out for a little walk. But it turned into a long walk, then a hike, then a crime spree. Okay, not the last, unless you call trespassing a crime and doing it more than once a spree.

Needless to say, 6 hours, 6.37 miles, and 14 mosquito bites, my husband and I emerged tired, hungry, and a much closer couple.

Tomorrow you will get the details of our fun trip, including pictures, perhaps video clips, and details of the completely humiliating, painful and VERY funny trip.

Today, since I’ve spent my day working on my new story idea instead of editing pictures/video’s needed for this Scott and Krista montage, you’ll get a list of things to remember when hiking.

Yes, that’s right.

Another Krista ten things list.

Ten things to remember when hiking.

1.) Cows are your friend, as long as they are behind a fence.
2.) If you are walking down a busy road, sweating, panting and staggering, people may stop to see if you are okay. While this is humiliating, at least it means that there are still caring people in the world.
3.) The fact that you can walk four miles down a busy highway looking like the above and ONLY two people stop also says something about the world these days.
4.) When walking in the woods with no trail and in swamp-like conditions, bug repellent is a good idea. Otherwise, you end up with 14 insect bites all over your arms like me. OUCH ITCH! Oh, and for some reason, husband ends up with zero. Fair? No!
5.) Don’t trust your husband to think he knows how to get there using the “back way through the woods.”
6.) A hay field on the other side of the woods looks strangely like buildings. Think mirage.
7.) Don’t count on taking pictures on your way back. You might get there and have to call your sister to beg her to drive you home.
8.) Thorns HURT. Always make your husband walk through the thorn patch first in order to prevent injury.
9.) Cold water bottles turn very very warm after about five minutes of walking. Do NOT rely on them.
10.) Pizza at the end of 6 mile hike tastes very very good.



  1. Sounds like an incredible adventure and perfect fodder for a scene in your next book! Take some notes about how everything felt and what you experienced! (Or maybe you'll never forget!) I always tell my little guy who gets bit more than anyone else (by misquitos or bees) that he gets bit because he's so sweet and they can't resist him! Maybe you're just really sweet too!

  2. I'd have called the sister much sooner.

  3. What is it with men never getting bit by those dang bugs! All I need to do is walk outside and it's like I'm a buffet to those nasty little guys!!!

    Can't wait to see the pics/videos of this entertaining trip of yours!

  4. LOL! You really went for a walk didn't you!! Glad you made it back. We'd miss you:)

  5. Jody, so funny you should say that! I have a scene in my first book with my Heroine and her best friend tromping through woods. It's funny, but not really indepth description of the actually woods. When we were out of the woods, I looked back and said to my husband, "I can SO use that for my book!" That particular scene will now be even more hilarious!

    Lotusgirl… I'm weird. I could have called her, and in fact had at least one person we knew see us walking on the road and stop and ask if we needed a ride. But… when I'm on a mission I rarely give up!

    Marybeth, I KNOW! Seriously, I had 14 and my husband? ZERO! NOT FAIR!

    Terri, Yes, we really did! *grin* Let me tell you, I'm SO glad to be back too!

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