We’re on the road today, coming home with our girls! I’ve had a very productive two weeks and was able to relax and regain a bit of sanity. Much needed for this very busy mother of three.

The most exciting thing I accomplished was starting my new book! As of today, I’m over 10,000 words! My goal is 80k, so I’m really excited to have been able to knock out this chunk, especially because the first few chapters are the most difficult for me. I feel really good about what I have so far, and have some really good ideas on where I want to go with it. I’ve told you before that I’m a HUGE seat of the pants writer, so I’m still not 100% sure how it’ll end, but I have a rough idea and am rubbing my hands together in anticipation to finish.

I’m having a difficult time, though, deciding what to do next. I want to finish writing it, really bad in fact, but I still have one more extensive edit needed on LOL: Mission Jack before I go to the ACFW conference in September. I want to work on EVERYTHING at the same time, and I just can’t. My time is limited, and I’m determined not to let my family suffer while I engulf myself in my writing.

This next week, I plan to sit down and… make a plan. Map out my summer and give myself reasonable, attainable goals, and set priorities for my writing stuff. Trouble is, I’m having issues decided what is priority! My new book … or my old book. I’m just not sure I have enough time to do both and still stay sane.

Discussion: How do you prioritize your work? Any words of advice? I’ll take any I can get!



  1. Hi Krista,
    Fabulous job on making such great progress while your girls were gone! Sounds like a refreshing couple of weeks!

    Since you're going to ACFW, I'd probably try to focus on what you'd like to accomplish there. If you want to pitch a particular book, I'd get it in top notch shape. I'd get the proposal ready for it, the one sheet, the elevator pitch, etc. Since you did really well in the contest with your scores, I'd hone in on that story and get it ready and then give the new story a little time too just for a fun outlet. But that's my two cents!

  2. Wow– good work on writing so many words!!
    I too would reedit the other one since you need in soon then in off times work on the other one. But I am like you–love to do too many projects at one time.

  3. I do the most important stuff first, and then procrastinate. LOL Have fun mapping out your hours and congrats on the word count!

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