Annabelle’s current status is complicated.

Right this minute, she is doing well. Snoozing nicely. Heart rate is good, temp is good, Oxygen is good.

But this morning she had another fever of 103.2… and it was up and down all morning. So I have a hard time saying she’s doing GREAT since we keep battling these dumb fevers everyday! It’s almost become predictable… I get up in the morning and ask, “So, how high did her fever go THIS time….”

My hubby was SUCH a great guy and came and stayed at the hospital yesterday for me. He slept her with Annabelle and spent most of the day here today as well. I have such an easier time being away knowing her daddy is here taking care of her! I stayed late at work last night to try to get caught up (well, it’s more like not getting any more behind than anything…) then went HOME and actually snuggled with my girls for a bit and went to SLEEP in my own BED.

It was such a sureal feeling… laying in my own bed… watching my own TV… and just relaxing. I haven’t done that in a long time! The only thing missing was my hubby beside me, and the knowledge of my baby sleeping in her OWN bed. Someday soon, I pray I can have that too!

*sigh* Unfortunately I still didn’t sleep the greatest. I think everything is just overwhelming, and my mind just spins half of the night with all the things that need done, both at work and at home. This was the second night in a row that I had no sleep for no good reason. (I.E. a crying baby wasn’t waking me up…) The night before I had a sleep room at the hospital, and struggled the whole night then too.

BUT! I DO have some really GOOD news to share too!

Since Annabelle is stable off of vapotherm and has had a good day… and since there is a bed available on the 6th floor… they are moving us upstairs TONIGHT! I LOVE THIS because not only is it a little more comfortable up there… it is a needed step before home… and I can “live” in with her there… meaning I can eat my meals in her room, the room has its own shower, and I have a regular sized place to sleep. It’s a little more normal than the ICU… but still not as normal as home.

So, our pray requests for this week are…

  • No Fevers for Annabelle!
  • NO MORE ICU!! (We do love our PICU friends though! You can come visit US instead of us visiting YOU!)
  • Wisdom as to when to go “home”!
  • Friday…. I have to travel for work to NJ and I’m nervous about it. It’s just a day trip… but I’ll be away from my baby.. FAR away from my baby… and on top of that I have to “talk” in front of people, which makes me want to throw up. I will get over it… I’ve done it before… but not something I’m looking forward to!
  • Scott’s Grandmother… Scott’s mom is staying with us for a bit to help out when Annabelle comes home, but we just found out her mother is in the hospital with pnuemonia. Please keep Grandma Thurman in your prayers as well!


I’ve been horribly remiss in thankyou notes. I don’t know what the proper etiquette is, but I know I’ve probably breached it something awful. Everyone has been OH MY GOODNESS so kind to us… and for the first month or so I faithfully filled out a thankyou card each time someone sent something. Now, I think I mailed those two months late… but they got done! But since then… I have failed, I will admit.

So in lieu of that (I will STILL try to get them out… but have no clue when) I just want to say a really HUGE thank you to everyone. From gift cards, to Christmas presents for my kiddos, monetary gifts, baby gifts, books, meals, babysitting, help cleaning my house, and even notes of encouragement that we received at the exact moment we needed them… I have to say that I have the GREATEST family and group of friends I could ever ask for. Your support has meant so much, and been so very helpful during this time!

Annabelle finally caught her toy!!! She’s been thinking about batting at them, and every once in a while would hit it, but this time she latched onto it with her fingers… she stayed that way for a good ten minutes, moving the toy around! This Momma was SO proud!



  1. I'm glad Annabelle is doing a bit better but sad it doesn't go any quicker.
    Praying for her, for you (Friday will be fine!) and for your grandma.

  2. You are in our hearts and in our prayers 24/7. I only wish we weren't so far away so that we could be there to help you more in a hands on way. I am afraid Hershey is just a bit of a drive though…lol! Your posts are the first thing we look for in the morning, and the last at night. We love you guys!~Cheri in Pa.

  3. Our family prays daily for Annabelle and your family! I wish I could come take the girls off your hands so you and Scott could have some time together or so he could be at the hospital the whole time with Annabelle while you're in NJ. I wish I could bring a meal over or do your laundry! Graham asks all the time how far it is to TN. He wants to meet Annabelle! We'll keep praying!

    PS…Don't you worry about those thank you notes! I promise everyone understands.

    Shannon Stafford, Siler City, NC

  4. Thanks for the specific prayer requests. We will continue to pray. It was encouraging to see the picture of Annabelle grasping her toy. You should be proud. 🙂

  5. I'm glad to hear that Annabelle is back on the 6th floor. I pray she stops running the fevers so you can take your princess home.

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