As fast as things went bad… they got better. Annabelle is clearly a pill, and I will gladly inform her of that when she is old enough to understand! A cute, lovable, adorable pill though:-)

When I last left you, Annabelle was on CPAP with slightly improving but still bad blood gasses.

Well,that same night, the next gas came back much improved, but Annabelle was T.I.C.K.E.D OFF! CPAP is NOT her friend.

Enter in: Friend Vapotherm.

I told her respiratory therapist that I could here Annabelle saying now in a sweet little baby voice: Hi. My name is Annabelle, and I am addicted to vapotherm. (not to mention methadone and ativan!)

Sure enough, we switched her over that same night, and she did awesome. Blood gasses were even better. Sats were great.

Next day, she was doing so great that on doctor’s rounds, we decided to go ahead and get rid of vapotherm and go back to nasal canula.

Yep, she rocked it. Did awesome.

We spent the day trying to piece together what had happened, and at the moment it’s a big shrug of the shoulders. We don’t know why she decided not to like the 6th floor.

The plan was to give her 24 hours down here again just to monitor, then go back to the 6th floor on Friday (today.) But when I got here this morning (at 2 a.m. because I went to work for a few hours to catch up since I figured I would miss on Friday due to the move) she was breathing really fast (respiratory rate in the 70’s to 80’s) and was Miss crank-butt. She cried about every five to ten minutes, and this wasn’t a little timid cry. This was an, “I’m gonna come and gouge out your eyes with my Merry Christmas fingernails if you don’t fix this right now” kinda scream. Binky in… quiet for five minutes. This was the routine the whole rest of the morning. We finally gave her a PRN (as needed) dose of ativan and that helped.

We think she might be suffering from something normal like gas or teething. Go figure! Baby Orajel and Mylicon drops, here we come!

Talked to doctors this afternoon. Plan is to go back upstairs sometime this weekend as long as she keeps doing well and try one more time for destination home.

If that does not work, then I’ve requested that we relook at the possibility of doing her Glenn now instead of waiting until Spring. Because sitting in the hospital just being “So-so” and “growing” for 3 more months does not sound like an a-okay plan to this Momma.

On a side note, there are several families in the unit that are having a rough time right now. One family lost their little one tonight, and a few other babies are struggling mightily right now. Please keep them in your prayers as well. As much as I complain about all the complications and things that have gone wrong with Annabelle, I know that everyday we are here represents the fact that there is still hope for Annabelle. There are so many families that would give anything for one more day right now.

 Snuggling with my mom and my binky. Yes, this is the life!
Do I want to smile… or scream. I really can’t decide! 
(FYI… she decided to scream seconds later *grin*)
“Dear Jesus… I’m sorry for acting up on Wednesday, for throwing a fit and not letting my Mommy get any sleep. I really did just miss my PICU friends… but I’ll be a good girl if you’ll let me go back to the 6th floor and be home for Christmas. Thanks.” –Annabelle

I think a boppy makes a fine impromptu alter:-)

My sweet, sweet Annabelle. MAN I love her!


  1. So glad to hear that she is on the mend. Loved the impromptu "boppy" alter and her "prayer". That is a "keeper". She is such a doll.

    We continue to keep you all in our prayers. Hoping and praying that, Lord willing, she'll be home for Christmas and not only in "your dreams". (Sorry, just had ol' Bing on the brain.)

  2. I'm happy to hear that Annabelle has made so much progress. Hugs to you on the bumpy ride this week.

  3. What a sweet little muffin. She's getting so big! Still praying.

  4. Hi Krista –

    Praise the Lord! I'm rejoicing with you and praying your little one will be home for Christmas.

    Susan 🙂

  5. She is getting so big! Praying for her to continue to be on the mend. Sounds like she has a good stubborn streak, which is good!

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