Oh my aching feet,
the size of small watermelons.
I’d love to take a sewing needle,
and rid you of your swellin’.

I wish I had flood insurance,
My ankles are that deep.
The amount of fluid in them,
Makes me want to weep.

So I come home every day,
and elevate them high.
I look like a big fat cow,
legs waiving to the sky.

My husband is a dear,
to rub them once in a while.
Really, I think it bugs him,
but still he gives me a smile.

Nine more weeks to go,
Then relief I shall relish.
But be mindful when the water releases
because you might drown… unless you are a fish.

And now… pictures of my Baby Annabelle…
The cause of my aching ankles.
She is SO very worth it!!!
And I figured you’d MUCH prefer baby pictures over pictures of my water-filled feet!

OH! And side note: I’m blogging about how to keep your sanity at a writer’s conference over at The Writer’s Alleys, so check it out if you’re interested! There are some pictures that display, my, apparent INsanity, lol!

Discussion: Oh, this is hard today. Surely you don’t want to talk about swollen feet. Um, what about, what’s your favorite poem? I’d have you post BAD poetry, but since Chip just got done with his annual bad poetry contest not long ago, that might be redundant.

Oh, how about this!? How many of you can pick out where the baby is in the above pics, and the different features? Can anyone tell on picture # 3, above her eyes/face.. what is “there”?



  1. Eeek! Love the baby pics! Her profile is so cute!
    Sorry about the ankles. 🙁 Take good care of yourself, girl. Wish I lived nearby so I could help you out with your kiddos, food, etc.

  2. It's so hot lately. I'm not even preggo and my hands are swollen! so I can imagine, you being down south AND preggo, how swollen your feet are!! No fun!

    That little girl is quite precious!

  3. Awwww, she's so cute!!!!! Sorry about the fat ankles. That is no fun at all. Are they tingley too? 😉

  4. I love your poem and the pictures. Still praying for a miracle. God is great!!! :O)

  5. LOL to the poem not so much for the bloated feet. Sorry. 🙁 But I don't think you'll remember them once you hold Annabelle. 🙂

  6. Cute poem. Great pics.

    Bummer on the swollen ankles.

    No clue on what's in front of little Annabelle in #3. I do hope you'll tell us if no one guesses.

  7. *grin* thanks for all your sympathy! Really, I just thought it'd be fun to make fun of my ailment, lol! Not that y'all wanted to hear about my bloated feet:-) And I gotta say, baby Annabelle is worth EVERY ounce of water!!!

    In front of Annabelle's face are her FINGERS!! She was waiving and had (you can't see it well) both arms up by or over her head, and her knees (which you can see) tucked up almost to her chin. She was chillin' 🙂

  8. How sweet that your little gal was waving at you. Ultrasounds are so much clearer these days than they were when I had our daughter back in 1991. Cool!

  9. She's adorable and she hasn't even been born! I'll bet you can't wait. Aren't the teeny-tiny diapers the best?

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Aww, love the poem. I remember those days so swell. I mean well. I hated being ready to pop but when I did I wished I had the patience for one more moment. They are soo much moire quiet in our tummies! Baby Anabelle is beautious!

  11. Hi Krista –

    Aww, sweet baby pics! Hope you feel better.

    Susan 🙂

  12. She is so sweet and beautiful looking already! It just makes you want to hold and rock her already. I hope you get your feet to doing better! Have a good weekend!

  13. Thinking about little girls and poetry made me think of Alice in Wonderland … there's a place to find some funny poems!


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