Doctors just rounded, and plan is to extubate after they finish the rest of doctor’s rounds! No more ventilator!!!

A little nervous though, as she still has a LOT of fluid to lose, her xray is still a bit wet, and her hemoglobin is low.

They don’t want to give her blood (for the low hemoglobin) unless they have to, and clinically she is doing fine. They try to give as little blood product as possible when they have had a transplant (for rejection purposes…) but will if she needs it. The thinking is too, if we get more fluid off, her blood levels might get better. (and consequently, if they give blood now, her fluid level might get worse…)

So we are all praying that she extubates WELL… that she breathes GREAT on her own, and that we can get all that extra fluid off quickly!

I’m a little nervous… Annabelle has never done “great” being extubated… after her transplant was the only post-heart-surgery extubation that worked on the first try, and that was rocky for a while. But I have to remind myself… she has a WHOLE heart now, and her LPA is bigger now so that should help too. PLEASE Jesus let it help!!!

We just need those little lungs of her to do good! And we are believing that they WILL!!!

Last night, waking up a bit. “Mom, what in the world is going on here???”

Just gave her some morphine as she was hurting quite a bit. She’s a bit out of it!

Close-up of my cutie…. hopefully I’ll be posting a NO TUBE picture later today!!!!



  1. I'm praying the extubation goes well and that the fluid issue is quickly resolved. I'm eager to see another picture of your precious Annabelle, one where she's smiling because she's feeling heaps better.

  2. Many prayers for a successful and uneventful extubation today. I will also keep the prayers coming for getting the fluid off and a fast recovery.

  3. Will keep praying that God keeps her (and you!) in the palm of His hand through this whole journey.

  4. My name is Susan, and I live on your street. Every day when I drive by and see the different signs in your yard, I wonder what Annabelle's story is and often pray for her. Today when I drove by on my way to the store, I noticed the blog URL on your car window. I'm thankful to know your story now and be able to pray more specifically for all of you. I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say "hello" and let you know your neighbors are praying for you.
    Susan Manes

  5. Goodness…what an amazingly sweet, brave angel your little pumpkin is being!!

    I believe I can see those little angels fluttering sweetly all around here! Yes, there is another one!!

    Continuing to pray without ceasing for a very brave mommy and daddy too!

    I do not know what brought me to your blog in the first place, but I know the purpose for me is to pray without ceasing for a little sweethearts health and recovery and for strength for her loving family.

    All of them.

    Sending more angels to surround all of keep you safe, happy and healthy!

    ^J^ ^J^ ^J^ ^J^ ^J^ ^J^ ^j^

    Praying without ceasing here in IOWA.

    Linda and Family.

  6. Praying for that "no tube" picture to show up!

  7. Aahh! Poor little thing … she is a doll but she looks like, "What is happening to me?"

    We continue to pray and hope to see a picture soon of "post-extubation". We'll pray for a smooth transition off the ventilator and for her to pee like crazy!

    Big Heart {{{Hugs}}}

  8. What an amazing mother you are! I have been following your blog since Annebelle got a new heart! You are such an amazing woman and a great inspiration to me! My son was placed in the hospital Thursday night due to severe dehydration from the flu, we have only been here three night but it seems an eternity! I can't even imagine doing this the amount of time you have while trying to be a good mom to your other children and having to rely on so many people for help. I feel God is calling me to send you some words of encouragement and that is why I am writing you! I know if I was in your situation I would be doing the same things you are doing! What an amazing mother you are, but just remember in order to keep being that amazing mom you need to take time out for yourself (which is very hard to do) as I have figured out in the last three days! I am praying for you and your family!!!! I <3 your blog and your amazing courage and faith! God Bless you, Tina

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