I got my hair cut!

And no, I don’t have a new picture of it yet. I like it. It wasn’t exactly what I wanted, but I’m content. I got about 4 to 5 inches cut off and I *kinda* have bangs now (the kind that go to the side and almost tuck behind your ears but not quite).

On top of my haircut, I’ve now officially lost 8 pounds this year! How did I do this you ask? Below are my secrets so far *grin*.

1.) Got the stomach flu the first weekend of January. Nothing helps you lose some weight like some good ole puking (ha!) I then had no appetite for a week after when continued to help with the matter.

2.) I eat less for breakfast and lunch. I do the whole slim fast bar thing but not religiously. I mainly just try to limit my portions as much as I can. I’m weird this way. Once I’ve been eating less I am just naturally less hungry as time goes on. My personal theory is that your stomach shrinks when you eat less portions so you fill up faster. This may be just Krista logic, but who cares? It works!

3.) Probably the MOST helpful is the WII Fit. I got this for Scott for Christmas, and we’ve both been playing almost daily. It’s great, because we’re super competitive so we’ll spend an hour just trying to beat the other’s score.

4.) 100 Sit-ups a day. Now, the WII fit is great, but I gotta say, I can’t use it as my sole source of exercise. It helped loosen me up, and gave me motivation and increased my metabolism, so I also do my sit-ups daily. Usually I do 100, but last night I did 300 because I broke my rule of small lunches and went to Wendy’s. (These aren’t full situp’s if you’re sitting there thinking I have abs of steel, These are using an ab thing–what do you call it?– to help with them and be less stress on your back. I’d be good to do 50 of the regular, feet under the couch ones.)

5.) Reward! Everyone does better when their is a reward at the end. I’m sorry but that’s just a fact of life. You work better at your job because your next raise depends on your performance. Your kids eat their vegetables (sometimes) when they know dessert is in their future. And Krista loses weight faster when she’s bribing herself with the purchase of her OWN laptop for writing when she’s down to a certain weight. I have the $$ sitting in our savings account just waiting for my milestone (apprx. 23 pounds, so 15 pounds to go!)

So there you have it! It isn’t a miracle diet, just doing the whole ‘eat less, do more’ thing.

My *hope* is by May, when I hope to go to the blue ridge writer’s conference, I’ll have a cute haircut, be 25 pounds slimmer and have my own laptop to write on!

So what about you? What PERSONAL, non-writing goals do you have for yourself this year? Do you want to lose that last 10 pounds? Maybe commit more time to reading your Bible? Come on, spill it!




  1. I def want to lose weight. I put on 15 pounds just from Nov and December between writing on deadline and then Christmas.

    So far I’ve only lost 5 of it, and now the scale won’t budge. And I had wanted to lose 10 pounds even before that, so now I’m looking at 20. Grrr.

  2. Glad someone is losing the pounds! Good job, Krista!

    PS. I nominated your blog for 2 awards. Stop by and check it out.

    PPS. Even though I hardly ever comment, I have you on bloglines, that’s how I’m familiar with your content =)

  3. Thank you Georgina!!!! I’m honored!!

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