Doctor’s just rounded… and I’m trying REALLY hard not to feel frustrated and defeated today. I REALLY just want to take my daughter home, I really really do!

Good news:

  • Her Xray is finally starting to look a little better. It’s been pretty crappy all weekend. The difference was amazing!
  • Her heart function is still doing well.

Not-so-great news:

  • Not doing swallow study today because she’s still too junky
  • No new go-home projected date. The “maybe tuesday or wednesday” is now a definite no… end of week is not out of the question, but also not quite so promising either.
  • Big, new issue. One side of her diaphragm looks concerning. On the Xrays, it shows that it is “up” which may mean that it is paralyzed, similar to her vocal chord. They are going to do an ultrasound of it today to see if it is completely paralyzed, or if it is just weak. If it is weak, then as she grows it should get stronger. If it is paralyzed, then we have yet ANOTHER surgery to go through, called a placation of the diaphragm. In really simple terms (and I know very little myself) is that they fold down the diaphragm on her left side and kinda pin it down in place, so it doesn’t hinder her breathing. Suffice to say, we are storming the gates of heaven asking for her diaphragm to work WELL so we can avoid another surgery. I’m just… yeah. I’m ready to be done with surgeries. I really really am!!!!!

*sigh* We should hopefully find out something out today or tomorrow on that.  WE should also find out outcome of some of the cultures they ran yesterday after her fever.

So yeah, that is where we are. I think I’ll go find me some chocolate… (Have I mentioned I am a major stress eater thus the reason I have yet to lose a good bit of my Annabelle-baby-weight??)



  1. Our prayers are with you! God is able!

  2. I'm all over it. Praying with you, girl!

  3. I will definitely be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I remember those days of frustration – not knowing if we would be going home or staying, not knowing if things were better, worse or the same…it is truly frustrating! I feel for you and am giving you a cyber hug {{}} to go with your chocolate fix! Take care of yourself as much as you can!

  4. Praying praying praying

  5. Praying for you Phillips family. God's in control, He knows what He is doing even though hard to realize it in the frustration.

    Jennifer 🙂

  6. Lots of prayers from a fellow stress eater. Chocoholics anonymous (or not-so-anonymous) unite!

    Seriously, Krista, I can't imagine the frustration and worry you're experiencing. Will keep everyone in my prayers.

  7. Love the pics of all your girls in their Easter dresses. I also loved the family pics, too. Glad to see there is more than one silly family in this world. {;- )

    We continue to pray for Annabelle and we will pray that the diaphragm won't require a surgery but will strengthen as Annabelle grows. I know it has to seem like "forever" that you've been at the hospital but it won't be as long as it has been. (Hope that was encouraging. It was meant to be.) We continue to pray.

  8. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to look forward to having the whole family home and to now be told it 's going to be longer than they anticipated. I'm praying for Annabelle, that her diaphram is just weak and will strengthen. I also pray that God would give you peace during this frustrating time of unknown.

  9. It's got to be so frustrating, but your have prayer warriors all around you, lifting Annabelle up!

    Praise God her heart function is good!!!! That is awesome!

  10. I'm adding my prayers to the many being lifted, along with praises for the good news.

  11. I just wanted to encourage you about the diaphragm. Although it is true that she may need surgey if it is paralized, it isn't always needed!!! My Ella's diaphragm was paralized and we prayed so hard she wouldn't need surgery, they told us that sometimes the diaphragm comes back by it's self! It took 10 weeks, but it came back without any intervention!!! Keep your chin up!

  12. I am praying for your little girl to continue fighting. I'm also praying for you as you wait for God's timing. But, also I want to encourage you by commenting how GOOD Annabelle looks. Based on the pictures it looks like she is feeling and doing a lot better (even if you still have some hurdles to jump over!) I love all of the new pictures. Her smile is absolutely precious!

  13. Praying for you and Annabelle!
    Verena & Family

  14. I am sorry for your discouraging news, but we are praying for Annabelle and for your family! Maybe it is strange, but I check in on Annabelle almost almost every day. I show her pics and videos to friends when they come over. Maybe it's because my youngest son is so close to her age or maybe it's just because as a mother I can understand how hard all of this must be on you, and as a Christian I rejoice with you with progress and my heart aches with every setback. When my husband calls me from work I give him Annabelle updates. I hope this encourages you. I just wanted you to know that you are not alone and every small step is being prayed for by many many people! Get your chocolate, kiss those sweet chunky cheeks, and feel comforted knowing that God has provided reinforcements and has everything under control. With love in Christ!

  15. Will be praying, Krista!

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