I mentioned a few posts ago that Annabelle had a slight SVT episode on Sunday. They had checked her electrolytes and found that her potassium (and maybe magnesium, I don’t remember) were low, so replaced them and chalked it up to that.

However, a different cardiologist is on board up here on the floor, one who specializes in heart arrhythmia, and he said he looked at her EKG and thought that the episodes looked suspicious of one NOT caused by electrolyte issues.

Annabelle has never had heart rhythm issues so this is a completely new area to me. But he said it was possible that it is something inherent in her new heart, or it could have been a one time thing post surgery, but he wants to do a pacing study on Thursday or Friday to see if they can artificially induce it and study the rhythm. Not 100% sure how I feel about that, but the thought is, if she is going to be prone to having them, there is a medicine they can put her on to prevent it.

I HATE the thought of being on another medicine, and I really really HATE the thought of having yet another heart problem. *sigh* But I’d rather find it out and treat it now, than be home and have her heart rate go crazy and me not be able to do anything about it.

Re: Oxygen. We are TRYING to wean her from 1/2 liter to 1/4. But we keep having to go back up! She woke up junky this morning, and needed an extra breathing treatment. I’m trying to remind myself we are only 5 days post OP… this is all normal and I need to not rush things! I guess things had just been going SO fast and doing SO well, I’d gotten ahead of myself.

Please though, continue to pray that we can get her oxygen down. I was really really hoping we could go home without it, but if we still need it, as long as we are home, that is what matters!

Our hope was to go home by Friday. But they are talking about doing the pacing study Thursday or Friday, so unsure if that affects our go home date. To be determined, I guess.

Being at the hospital is harder this time. I was here for over 10 months straight, and had gotten into a rhythm. But even just the 10 days at home (6 days the first time and 4 days the second) were enough to ruin me! I ALMOST want to pull out my hair! Reading a book doesn’t even help, and I’m an avid reader!!!! I really just want to go home again. *sigh*

Sorry, my complaining is over. This is me bucking up and getting over it. If I could last 10 months… I can last a few more days. Grin and bear it… that’s my motto!



  1. Well, at least they have an idea what could be the problem. Better safe than sorry 🙂
    But I understand how hard it is on you … I really hope it won't be too serious and won't delay you going home too much.

    Prayers from this side of the ocean! ♥

  2. Dear Lord, please wrap Your comforting arms around my precious friend and sister, Krista. Please give her peace and calm and help her get through this time in the hospital with serenity. Please give the doctors wisdom, kind bedside manners, and the willingness to teach. We know You have Your unchanging hand on Annabelle, and we praise You for Your providence and care. Thank You, Lord, for being the awesome God whom we can turn to in times of trouble. Thank You for Your love. In the precious name of Your Son… Amen.

  3. Praying..I'm 'sposed' to be on beta blockers for a similar problem myself but I see an herbalist now…Poor little thing, you I mean, cooped up in that room again! I had a chance to read some of your writing..maybe you could pen and paper some ideas down just to pass the time? Who knows where an idea could lead to, even among the hospital chaos. Praying for your sweet Annabelle to take long,deep breaths and be healthy & strong from here on out!

  4. Covering Annabelle and YOU in prayer! God is great all the time and has you all in his arms.

  5. I'm agreeing with all these lovely sister's Beautiful to hear all of there hearts for your beautiful family, You and your family bless us…Heavenly father you hear our hearts. thank you for holding all the Philip's family in your wings… Psalm 91,

    John 17:23;Eph.2:22. I speak to Annabelles heart, Heart beats is normal her heart beats with the rhythm of life, carrying the life of God throughout her body restoring LIFE and health Aboundantly.

    My prayer group is planning on another three day fast for Annabelle and your family. You are all loved <3.
    if anyone wants to join? remember it dosent have to be from food. hope this is okay to share….?

  6. Will continue to pray.

  7. Just wanted to let you know I'm praying for Annabelle and think about tyou often. I do hope it is just a fluke but also that if it is something that needs treating that they find the best way.

    Heart hugs,

  8. You sure are a trooper, and so is Annabelle! Praying for you all.

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