So I have a renewed passion to get my writing done.

I think.

Here is the latest update on Krista’s writing:

Book 1: Completed! (as of last fall)
Book 2: Chapter 4, approx 9200 words (considering book 1 was 97000 words, that is 10% complete.. boy howdy can I do math!)
Book 3: Still just an idea being formulated in my heart.

It is a series, however each book can stand independently of the others. I am having a dilemma though. I love writing book 2. The story line is fun and I think will be a blast to write, but I keep going back to book 1. It is complete, and I like it, but it is still my first ‘work’ and even though I have read it and edited it more times that I can count, I want it to be just right. And it isn’t yet. Now, the plot flows well I think, but given that it was my first novel, I know my writing probably needs polished and I find grammar, spelling, and stupid double or skipped word mistakes with each read. I am a perfectionist (except in my blogs… I type these too fast to ensure proper language etiquette!) and can’t stand finding dumb mistakes!

So here is the question I am pondering. As an unpublished author, at what point do you put aside book one and concentrate on book two? Or do you ever? Or do you try to do both at the same time? The both at the same time is difficult for me. I do good to write at all with my schedule!

I wrote the first book in about 3 months, which I think is pretty darn good. I surprised myself, to be honest. I would put the kids to bed, and just sit down at the laptop and get wrapped up in my characters and my story, then emerge about midnight/1 a.m. and realize I had written 22 pages. Considering I get up at 5:30 in the morning for work, this made for very sleep days (and considering we were going through a major project implementation at work on top of 2 mergers that I had to coordinate payroll for… yah, I drank alot of coke and gained 10 pounds in chocolate…) Let’s just say it is a miracle I stayed awake to do and KEEP my job, on top of write a book. I can truly testify that God is our strength when we feel like there is nothing left.

Anyway, just wanted to give a book update. I have been concentrating more on my book proposal and praying about where to send it lately, and reading other writer’s blogs and looking at resources on the internet. I am thinking though it is time for me to get back to writing. Part of me fears it is all for naught. What if I finish all THREE books and still don’t have a contract? What if my writing stinks and no one likes it and I am wasting all my time?? Am I destined to do this??

This is the point where I step out of my body, turn around and face myself with my hands on my hips and say, “Krista, shut up and listen to me. God made you a writer; He called you to do this for a purpose. Now stop this childish pity party, grow up, and WRITE. No matter what happens, you are being obedient to Jesus Christ and that is all God asks of you. Obedience. So just do it and stop fretting!”

Then I get back in my body, take my own advice, and write.