I have super cool writer friends.

Especially when said friend has a very cool blog post idea
to celebrate her debut novel coming out this week, thus giving me another
excuse to skip over Skinny Friday so I don’t have to announce my dismal
So, thank you Katie Ganshert!
Katie’s debut novel is called Wildflowers from Winter. It’s a story about hope being born out of not-so-stellar circumstances… how God brings
wildflowers from the Winter seasons in our life.
And my oh my, how I can relate!
She’s asked some bloggers to post our OWN personal
Wildflowers from Winter stories to kick off her book launch, and I eagerly
accepted the challenge. (If you want to read other Wildflower stories… you can go to her blog here… she’s having a new-fashioned blog-hop!)
To top it off, her publisher has also agreed to give a FREE
copy of Katie’s new book to one lucky commenter on this blog post! How cool is
So, I bet some of you can already guess MY wildflowers from
Winter story.
Super cool author, Katie!
But the thing is, as I look back on my life thus far, I’m
overwhelmed at the times God has brought blessing out of pain, hope out of
suffering, encouragement during times of depression. Annabelle was a HUGE one,
but definitely not the only one.
It’s in little times, like when I was a kid and had a paper
route (don’t laugh…) and while I was delivering papers, this HUGE storm came in…
I’m talking torrential rain, lightning, the whole works. And yeah, on my way
home, I had to go through the school’s back lot… picture this pretty large,
open field with nothing but grass and METAL poles, and little ol’ me (I think I
was in the 4th grade) walking through it, all by myself.  And there before me, was my savior. My
sister, on her ten-speed, coming to get me. My mean older sister (*wink* Jami) who liked to pick on me suddenly became more than that… I realized that beneath all the sisterly picking, my sister actually loved me. Wildflower!!!
Or in the times when things happen that are behind our
control, like when I was 16 and my parents moved us far away from home. Those next
two years were like continual winter for me (especially considering we moved to Northern Minnesota… which pretty much has two seasons, mud and Winter.) But
while we were up there… we got… INTERNET access. And what did this depressed
teenager do??? Yeah, I met a guy in a Chatroom. And married him. And made a
whole passel of beautiful wildflowers with him!
And then… then there’s Annabelle. She is a wildflower too…
but God did more than just take care of Annabelle. Even midst our very, very,
very, very long Winter season with her, he allowed wildflowers to bloom. I grew in my faith, I was able to share with others about Jesus and about his STRENGTH, and so many people have shared with me how our journey with Annabelle has impacted their life.
In a more physical sense, even
though He is still working out the details… I’m now a stay-at-home Mommy, something I prayed to happen for a LONG time. And I’m getting my first book published…
another big dream of mine.
I also can’t help but think about Annabelle’s donor family.
Their Winter is one I can’t even imagine. Yet, my prayer is that Wildflowers
will begin to sprout in their lives. That the knowledge that their child saved
so many other lives will, not erase the Winter, but allow those flowers to grow
in the midst of it until the snow can begin to melt a bit.
So yes, Wildflowers from Winter can take so many different
What are some wildflowers God has brought from the Winters
of YOUR life?
(Remember, please comment… and include an e-mail address you
can be reached at… in order to be entered to win a copy of Katie’s book! Facebook
readers: only comments on the blog will be entered to win. My apologies, but we
can only ship to addresses in the US.  You have until end of day Sunday to enter… I’ll
announce the winner on Monday!)


  1. I'm loving all these wildflower posts!!! I've had winters but am hard-pressed to share since most involve others.
    But I do remember our poverty growing up and the little things that happened that showed God cared.

    1. I totally understand, Jessica!! I have a few of those "unmentionable" winters myself. I relate to the poverty growing up one too!!

    2. Love the title and concept!

  2. God has grown so many wildflowers in my life through the winters of my life. Growing up in a non Christian home there should have been absolutely no way that I ever came to know Christ as my saviour. It was a hard childhood but God used someone my mom worked with to invite me to AWANAS at her church. That planted the seed of the biggest, brightest and best wildflower he would grow. Salvation and a relationship with him. Then my son Logan came along. Howerver, the first news of being pregnant was not all joy at all. You see, I had an almost 19 year old and an almost 13 year old and was supposed to be infertile. After several days of extreme sickness I ended up at the er for fluids and there the news was dropped on us that I was pregnatn. Shock did not even begin to describe what I felt. Then Logan was born with a CHD and as he grew I would find out that there were many other things, quirks, that he has. A search for a diagnosis and answers after two years still eludes us. It's been a long and rough two years in ways but also two years full of wildflowers. I have watched God perform miracles in Logan that no one thought would happen. No one thought he would walk before two and he walked at 15 months. He wasn't supposed to talk beofre 4 due to all his cognitive delays. At two he is talking up a storm. He's had feeding issues and growing issues. He wears size 12 month clothes this summer at over 2 years old but he's healthy. He's happy. He's a handful 🙂

    Recently a storm went through and the neighbors tree fell on both of our cars. So here's God grew a lot of wildflowers there. Insurance paid us $800 more for that car then we paid for it. The dealer we went to gave us a $9000 car for $5000. We are now driving a better car then we had and we only paid $200 for it. My faith continues to grow. My trust continues to grow. And my love for God continues to grow. Many, many wildflowers. You know what? I feel like in my life the wildflowers that bloom in the season of winter are the most beautiful flowers that I have ever seen.


    1. Thanks Rachelle!! I think you are very right… the wildflowers that grow out of hard seasons are the sweetest most times, as they were super hard-fought for! Kinda the whole "refined by fire" the Bible talks about.

  3. thanks for your Wildflowers From Winter story. If you're blog hopping today, you'll find mine. Life Lessons From The Dog (LOL) Blessings!

    1. HA! Can't wait to read that one!!!

  4. You totally made me cry! Even before I got to anything about Annabelle. The way God brings wildflowers out of the not-so-traumatic things. Like a storm to reveal your sister's love. And a move to bring you to your honey. 🙂

    I've witnessed God use you in AMAZING ways throughout all of this, Krista. I want you to know that it is truly inspiring and incredibly God-glorifying.

    1. Thank you Katie!!!! You've been SO SO SO sweet to us to pray for us these past few years!!

      Oh, the move was very traumatic though. Like, depression invoking, traumatic. I did not deal well… Think Israel's banishment to Babylon… For a 16 year old… yeah. Anyway, a definite winter in my life!

  5. A quick note… I know some don't like leaving e-mail addresses in comments… I TOTALLY understand. Feel free to leave your comment, then send your e-mail address to me personally at (krista at kristaphillips dot com) and you'll still be entered to win:-)

  6. I have really enjoyed reading all of these stories! Thanks for yours Krista:) I'm reading Katie's book now and love it!

  7. When my first husband left me, I thought my life was over. He had been my best friend since we were kids! What was life supposed to look like without him? Through that process I learned that God is enough. When we let God be enough for us, amazing things begin to happen. I reached the point that I was okay if I never got married again or had babies (even though I desperately wanted both – I was young!) because God was enough for me… really, truly. When God decided that season had lasted long enough, he brought Wade into my life in a set of very God-like circumstances. (You know… those ways that you know that HE was at work because what happened couldn't have possibly happened without Him?) I am blessed with a wonderful, Godly pastor husband and three beautiful boys!

    The pregnancies themselves with my boys are deep, dark, cold Winters (I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum when I'm pregnant. It's horrible.) My three little wildflowers have been graciously given to me by the Father at the end of each.

    There have been so many Winters in my life, especially since I struggle with and fight depression on a daily (sometimes hourly or minutely- lol!) basis. God loves me, and he brings his daughter wildflowers pretty often. 🙂 Sometimes they are actual wildflowers because they make me smile when I see them. Sometimes they are a kind word from a church member when I'm feeling like a failure as a pastor's wife. Sometimes they are financial blessings at just the right time. Sometimes they are just a good night's sleep when it's desperately needed. He is good, and His wildflowers are the best. 🙂

    KP, you already know my email address. I <3 U, chick!

  8. Krista–I love your blog. I also love to read and can't wait for your book to come out. I hope you pick me for the free book. I live in Ozark, MO and just celebrated my 15th wedding anniversary yesterday. I have three kids ages 11, 9, and 6 and we are in the process of adopting through the foster care system…some wildflowers there. Please know I appreciate all that you say here. You are a true minister. cagriessel@classicnet.net

  9. Great post! I love how you found all the wildflowers popping up in your life! That's how I want to look at things, not looking for the weeds, just the wildflowers!

  10. Beautiful post, Krista. I love how you shared the small things as well as the larger things and how God uses them to bring wildflowers. Praying for you today!

  11. God keeps giving you wildflowers in your life. And I'm loving watching them sprout!

  12. I've loved reading all of these stories! Yours is touching.

  13. My Wildflowers moment happened when our beloved child was going home to meet Jesus. My husband witnessed God in action and acknowledged that he (my husband) needed Jesus in his life. Now, six years later, we are totally yoked and my beautiful flower leads me as he should!

    Aletta Cherry

  14. I love that title … "wildflowers from winter" ….
    There have been through many winters in life: A long season of singleness; and difficulties in conceiving. The hardest winter was having an unexpected pregnancy while my husband, son and I were living with my parents waiting to be able to move into our home. Then shortly after receiving the news of the pregnancy, our baby was diagnosed with HLHS while he was 20 weeks in utero.

    God has given me so many wildflowers from this. First, another precious son. Next, he taught me a lot more about being a caring mother. He has shown me his love from brothers and sister in Christ, some of whom I have never even met. He has shown me his ability to answer prayers in what I see as miraculous (seeing some of the answers astounded the medical personnel who were caring for our son).

    Time doesn't really permit me to go in depth but I couldn't resist the chance to give God the praise for giving beauty for ashes and "wildflowers from winter".

  15. One of the major wildflowers in my life this year has been my friends at school. It was an interesting year but I am so blessed and thankful for them! 🙂 My email is BarlowGirlfan17@gmail.com

  16. One more recent in my over 50 years of life….. In Nov 2010 I had knee replacement surgery. I was in a Bible study at the time. My small group leader mentioned that the teacher's sister is a physical therapist….. Later I realized my small group leader worked at the therapy place…. As the time grew closer, it all became clear God had placed me in that group to learn about this therapy place….owned and run by the Bible study teacher's sister. These people reallly loved on me and have become precious friends, who I would not know if I had not had my surgery. The wildflower of friendship still blooms today. That is just ine example of many in my life! God is always faithful and good!

  17. I love the way you pointed out little petite wildflowers and large dominating ones, Krista. There are always winters in our lives, some long, others short, noticing those flowers poking through the frozen ground is the catalyst for giving thanks through it all.
    I've had long winters and abundant wildflowers: Praise God for both.

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