This whole writing and publishing something myself has one drawback:

My deadlines are SELF-imposed–meaning I only answer to myself.

I’m really good when I answer to other people.

Eh, not so good when I’m the only one keeping myself accountable.

But I’m trying to change that!

I have a calendar of deadlines for myself for my first novella release, and DADGUMIT, I WILL meet my goals, if not beat them!

A big one of those is this week, so even though I had something I was GOING to blog about this week, I’m taking the week off from blogging here so I can focus on meeting my personal deadline!

SO while I write, tell me… how do YOU handle your own deadlines… when you are the only one there to reprimand yourself? I mean, seriously, do you give yourself time-outs or something?

A time-out sounds REALLY nice right now….



  1. This is something I really struggle with and I am hoping to see some really great solutions on here! I own my own business, and some days I actually can spend the whole day on the internet ( I love to read blogs) and be none the worse for the wear. Until the next day when i have more than a days worth of work to get done. That day I always think I know I should have done better, but then a lazy day comes and I think , oh I'll be ok, I've always managed to get the most important things done on time. That's not good for me!

  2. I look forward to reading it!

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