My last comment about The Bachelor…

Let me clarify my feelings on the bachelor.

I don’t mind the show. Granted, I’d personally never use it as a method for finding my mate, but to each his own.

Why do I like watching it? Because I’m a hopeless romantic and watching the process of someone find, potentially, their true love is fun. I think on some level it’s the fact that they are REAL and not some fake TV show (I know, I know, some of you will debate the ‘realness’ of reality TV, but I digress.) The point is there’s a real chance at a happily ever after, and that makes the typical romantic swoon, including me.

I also want to clarify my feelings about Jason. I in NO way fault him for wanting to follow his heart. And, in the end, I think it WAS classy of him to let Melissa go when he knew there wasn’t a chance. He would have been more of a jerk if he would’ve led her on just for the show then dumped her afterwards.

And no one except those who have gone through it would know what it’s like to have to make the decision he did. I can’t imagine being in that position, liking two different guys and being forced by a television conglomerate to pick between the two on a certain day, with all America watching. Talk about pressure! Granted, self-inflicted pressure, he DID choose to go onto the show, but I can totally see how he’d make a decision, then in the private moments of getting to know that person, realize he made the wrong choice.

Please don’t think I’m excusing his actions, as they were deplorable. Whereas I think he did the RIGHT thing by letting Melissa go, if he really did it on public television and she didn’t know before, then, wow, that’s just scummy. I would have a totally different opinion of him if he would have broken it off in private, then come on and said he wanted to see if Molly wanted to give it another go.

And that brings me to Molly. Yesterday, I had NO idea how she could be so forgiving and sit there kissing him moments after he dumped the other girl.

But then I realized this is not new for her. Yes, he picked Melissa first, but for the last many months she’s been ‘group’ dating him with 24 other girls. She knew all along that he was dating and kissing these other women, so at some level this was not a new thing. I still think it was tacky to kiss him like she did at that moment, but, I’m not her, and I wasn’t in her shoes, so I won’t judge.

I guess that’s my moral to this story. Judge not. Okay, it’s a show, and we have fun watching and jeering and all, but in the end, we need to remember that these ARE real people and even in our fun ribbing, respect them and give them a shot to let them live a happy life.

Hopefully, for my romantic heart, together!