I made the mistake of mentioning to our Dir. of HR that I had a slight internet presense, meaning that if you googled my name, you would find stuff (facebook, myspace, blog, linked in…). We were trying to google potential candidates for a position I have open, and I mentioned that my “Linked in” link usually came up on page two.

He promptly typed in my name to check it out.

I objected! For some reason, I didn’t/don’t care for those at work to read my off the wall ramblings that I post here. But, alas, I am the idiot who does it and makes it viewable for the world, so it’s my own fault!

This gentleman was so nice as to NOT click on my links with me in the room, but I still fear his curiousity sometime in the future, so just wanted to say, just in case my boss, any of my wonderful (non existant at the moment) employee’s, or coworker’s happen upon this site:

*Ahem* I love my job and will work there until I am old and gray and enjoy working with each and every person in the company. You all are the greatest.

Now, how’s that for sucking up??? Yah, pretty good, that’s what I thought.

Ok, now I have to go repent for all my lies…. (JUST KIDDING!!!!)


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  1. I love this post! For three years I wrote a humor column for the local newspaper and one was on the office where I worked. I prayed no one there would read it 🙂
    Amy Barkman

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