I’ve never understood what blogs were. I always hear newscasters announcing “You can read more on my blog!” and thought to myself, what are they talking about?? Yet for some reason still unknown to me, I decided to start one today. Now is as good a time as any! The same phenomenon occurred earlier this year when my sister harped at me for not having a myspace account. Not more than a week later I was hooked on Myspace. Then, my other loving sister introduced me to the concept of facebook. To stay true to my new found ‘hip’ myspace status, I added my facebook account. I personally like myspace better, however I cannot pinpoint why.

So now, on a whim, here I am. Starting my blog. Beginning a journey of self-reflection that will lead to…. well, I have to be honest and say I have no clue where it will lead to. However, I do know this. Everything I do in my life is with a goal of one of two things: 1.) To grow closer to the Lord God who created me or 2.) to introduce others to the Lord God who created me. Is there a pattern here? I think yes…

So, here is to a new blog, a new goal in life, a new journey in words. CHEERS! (insert clinking of pretty glasses filled with sparkling… Sprite….)