I’ve given a ton of Annabelle updates, thought I’d talk a minute about the rest of us. (although just a quick update, she’s just hanging out on the ventilator and we’re feeding her as much as possible to get her “beefed” up so we can try AGAIN in a few days to take out her breathing tube!)

Annabelle is 4 weeks old today. It’s hard to believe that much time has gone back, although it also feels like forever since things have been *normal* too.

I came home tonight, and for the first time in 4 weeks, I’m sleeping here (Scott is at the hospital with Annabelle for me.) I got to give my Karalynn, Lacy and Gabriella baths, read them their bedtime story, pray with them, and tuck them into bed.

It’s amazing how we miss the small, normal, everyday things.

So, I was tucking my kiddos into bed and they wanted to listen to a CD as they went to sleep. Lacy went to turn it on, and immediately turned it onto track 6, because they said that was their favorite.

Karalynn said, “Mommy, it’s Annabelle’s song!”

The song?

Safe, sung by Phil Wickem.

A few of the lyrics that were their (and my) favorites.

“You will be safe in his arms, because the hands that hold the world, are holding your heart.”

My daughters told me, this makes them remember that Jesus is holding Baby Annabelle’s heart, and that she is safe in His arms!

“This is the promise He made. He will be with you always. When everything is falling apart, You will be safe in His arms.”

And I told my daughters, even when we get bad news like we did last night and it seems like nothing is going right, that’s when it’s even more important to trust and remember that Annabelle is in Jesus arms, and that she is SAFE there, and that WE are in His arms too and that He will comfort us and be with us no matter what happens.

We had SUCH a good talk about it and just to know that they are listening to that song every night, in fact skipping over songs so they can listen to it, because it ministers to their heart, well, THAT ministers to this Momma’s heart too!

So, I’ll lay my head down on my OWN bed tonight, knowing that my Annabelle is at the hospital, with her Daddy next to her, and Jesus wrapping his arms around her giving her little kisses, keeping her so much more safe than I could ever do!



  1. How PRECIOUS!! I LOVE that song!!! And the words are SOOOO PERFECT for Annabelle – kids hearts are so in tune!!! Hope you have a blessed sleep tonight!!! I'm sure you are already long gone into "sleepy land"!!

  2. That is beautiful Krista, out of the mouths of babes, God has spoken to your heart.

  3. How precious! I love that song anyway, but it really does have so much meaning for Annabelle.

  4. Hi Krista –

    We're praying for your sweet little girl.


  5. Oh, that sweet Karalynn. LOVE that she recognized Annabelle's song!
    Blessings and prayers, dear one.

  6. Oh Krista, I'm so glad you could have some time with your other girls doing some normal things. I'm sure this has been a hard month on them too. You just about had me in tears with your post. Hang in there, sweetie! You're all in His arms.

  7. Beautiful, Krista.
    I'm sitting at my desk as work…weeping.
    What a comfort and a joy to know your sweet Annabelle has the BEST physician holding her.



  8. You are raising a very special family. You're still in my prayers.

  9. I have listened to that song several times over the past month and also thought about Annabelle and our whole family! Love that the girls thought of it too!!

    "These are the hands that built the mountains, the hands that calm the sea, these are the arms that hold the heavens, they are holding you and me!"

    Powerful words!! I love you Krissy!!! I love your sweet, sweet, sweet daughters (my adorable nieces)!!! 🙂

    Love, Kari Jo

  10. Wow, that's a precious story! It made me cry.

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