It’s funny that I’m “announcing” my book title today.

My agent blogged about the importance of a good title today! A bit ashamed, I confess that I was much like the author she mentioned in her blog. My “working” title I didn’t think was very good, but I slapped it on there, knowing a publishing house would probably want to change it anyway.

In my defense, when I first wrote my book, I intended it for the “Love Finds You in (insert cool named city)” series. But when I was finished, I just had a feeling it wouldn’t be a good fit for that line. So when I entered contests, I changed the name to “A Sandwich Romance” just for ease sake.

Confession: I HATE COMING UP WITH TITLES! Writing the book is fun, but creating a title is mind-breaking work for me. Basically you’re trying to sum up 80-100k words in just a few really catchy ones.


Here are a few reasons why I stuck with my working title when submitting though.

  • I write romance. And I think a title that “shows” that the book is definitely romance is a good thing. Words like Bride, Groom, Love, Romance, and Wedding are all GREAT to have in a title (although there are plenty good ones without…)
  • My book is all about sandwiches. It fit!
  • Confession: Pure and utter laziness

BUT! I was blessed that my publishing house, Abingdon, looked past a blah title and contracted my book anyway!

And, when Rachelle e-mailed me a copy of the final contract, and I clicked open the document…

I found a surprise!

There was a title, other than my working one, listed on the contract. I quickly e-mailed her, asking if this was the final final title.  I was told it was the approved title, but if I didn’t like it, I could offer suggestions and they would take them into consideration.

I LOVED that they gave me this option, but the more I thought about the new title, I just felt that it fit.

I write funny inspirational contemporary romance (how is that for a mouthful of a genre!) My title is fun and still has the word romance in it! Wahoo for that!

Okay, I’ve strung this out long enough. Do you want to know what the title is yet???

Sandwich, With a Side of Romance

It fits because the setting is the small town of Sandwich, IL (where I was born and lived till I was 5, incidentally!) The hero owns an upscale sandwich restaurant. And the heroine finds herself the gooey filling stuck in between her new boss, who she has a senseless crush on, and his fiancee, who despises her and wants to make every moment of her life a living not-very-nice-place.

Lots of sandwich drama here!

So…. what do you think of my title? For your readers out there… when you go into a bookstore or look on amazon for a book… how important is the title?? What do YOU think makes a good book title?

*Annabelle update*

She’s doing well. No major issues. Feeding is still a problem. After 4 days of eating like a champ, she decided, na, not so much anymore. We still make her eat 3 times a day, but she isn’t pleased about the matter. (see picture… I looked away for literally a moment and there went the whole jar of carrots!)

Annabelle: LOOK Momma! I can’t eat them now!

However, what she didn’t realize is that the tray was clean… so Momma just fed her off the tray. She was a big chagrined after that.

Clinic visit today. Please pray for good lab results and just a good visit overall!

Oh, and remember baby Scarlet I asked you to pray for a week or so ago???? SHE IS GETTING HER HEART TODAY!! Her Momma updated Facebook late last night that they’d gotten their heart call! THANK YOU JESUS! Please pray for little Scarlet today as she gets her new heart, for few complications, and that her body can recover for any damage her old heart may have done. Of course, please keep the donor family in your prayers as well. Reminds me again, of how appropriate the song I posted about on Saturday is.

To summarize:

Yeah for fun book titles.
Boo for Annabelle not eating.
Yeah for a heart for Scarlet!

(And yes, I made a yeah-boo sandwich on purpose! It’s monday morning, with not a lot of sleep, I’ll roll my eyes at myself later…)



  1. YAY! Congratulations on a fun title for your debut novel!

    YAYAYAY! for Scarlet getting her heart today.

    Yay that Annabelle has been exploring her options regarding carrots. 😉

    Praying today for that donor family.

  2. So exciting, Krista!! That's a fun title. I would expect romance and funny from that title, which fits your brand, I think. 🙂

  3. You would not usually find me interested in reading romance stories. However, I really like the title of your upcoming book. I will be sure to give it a read.
    Sounds like Annabelle is just the usual playful child learning to like veggies : ]
    Your weeks are sounding much more positive. Just in case you are too close to the situation to notice..I did say weeks and not just days!

  4. Teressa… I'm honored that you would branch out of your normal "non-romance" reading and try my book! And yes, sometimes it IS good to step back and see the overall process rather than the day-by-day-need-to-pull-out-my-hair occurrences!

    Erica… exploring her options… LOVE IT!

    Katie… Yep, romance and funny, that would be me! HA!

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the title!!! Very good!!! As far as carrots, you wouldn't catch me eating those either 🙂

  6. Sounds like a fun title. I think it will show prospective readers they can expect a little (a lot?) of fun 'on the side.' Good job!!

  7. Love the title, Krista! And hooray for our little heart friend! I'll be praying today. (and for your clinic appt too)

  8. Title is actually not that important to me. What IS important is the little shpeal on the back of the book. It has to grab me or I'll set it back down every time. I love Christian romance. Romance without all of the bow-chicka-wow-wow!!! Bonus if it makes me laugh.

  9. Love the title! It would definitely make me pick up the book and skim through it. I can't wait to read it.

    Annabelle looks so pleased with herself after dumping her carrots. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when you started feeding them to her off the tray. *smile*

    I'm so glad to hear the good news about Scarlett. I've been wondering about her and praying for her. I will continue praying for her, her family and the donor family.

  10. That book title sounds great! Titles are so important … they are the "eye-catchers" when I buy a book. This is one i would definitely look at .. and buy! 🙂

    Most kids don't want veggies … yay for Annabelle to be like any other kid 🙂

    I'm so happy about Scarlets new heart! I'm praying!

  11. Love the new title. Fun, like you and your story.

    Love hearing that Scarlet is getting her much-needed heart, although my heart goes out to the donor family.

    Agree with Annabelle. Cooked carrots are not nice.

  12. I love that title, Krista, and the book sounds intriguing and fun. I'm glad things are going well for you…you deserve all the joy that comes your way!

    God bless.

  13. WOW Firstly, great title. Can't wait until your book comes out:)

    So glad Annabelle is doing so well, i will be praying that she happily eats her veggies:)

    Hearing this news about Scarlet literally bought a tear of joy to my eyes (not easy to do that). I have been hoping praying for Scarlet and am amazed she got her heart in time. I really hope everything goes well for her. So sad for the donor family tho:(


  14. Oooo, I'm loving the title. It's gonna be a FUN read! I can't wait!

    p.s. And I LOVE your summary! lol

  15. I think you are going to be one of my new favorite authors! I love books with a combination of God, humor and romance!

    Valerie LOVED carrots and sweet potatos when she was a baby. I lterally turned her skin orange!

  16. I'm not all that into romance novels (pretty much because I'm single and it doesn't do me any good to focus on what I don't have), but ever since I heard about your book getting published I was like, "I am totally reading that one!" Titles are VERY important for me in deciding what book to choose. So are covers. I know, I know, "Don't judge a book by it's cover", but we all know that we do anyway! I'm big into artwork. I judge albums by the cover too, so it's not just books. Back to point here, I am huge into titles and I have to say, I LOVE "Sandwich, With a Side of Romance"! That sounds SO cute and funny! I'm also a waitress, so maybe the food reference catches me too. I'm such a sucker for a good title that even though I was totally going to read your book anyway, I'm about twice as excited after hearing the title 🙂
    The picture of Annabelle with the dumped carrots is too cute! She looks thrilled with herself!
    Praise God for Scarlet's heart!!! I was so sad for her when I heard how sick she was! I can't believe she's getting a heart! Hallelujah!

  17. Christin… I am totally a "cover" girl too… when I'm in a bookstore I RARELY read the back of the book (maybe skim) but usually look at the cover to see if I think it's something I might enjoy, then the title.

    So you're not the only one!!!

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