Wednesday was my Lacy’s birthday! She is my official five year old *sniff*. Good grief they grow up first!

Tonight we had a her ‘big’ family birthday party (we don’t do little b-day’s… it’s just not in our nature or family tradition!)

So, just thought I’d post a few pictures of my gorgeous birthday girl! Also, a tribute my husband made to my Lacy Emma Leigh, including the song he wrote for her:-)


I think she might like it… *grin*

Littlest pet shop dog… It’s a hit!

Thank’s Aunt Jami! Princess Lacy approves!

Lacy’s special present. Her first very own jewelry box (with some special jewelry inside of course!) Pictures of the princess that I love with all my heart are on the top. Lacy loved it! (and mommy breathes a sigh of relief)

One of the favorites, considering EVERY one of my daughters demanded a bath tonight so they could play with it! It is a mermaid Barbie waterfall bath toy!



  1. The party sounds and looked lovely! We know nothing about small parties either, and your right they do grow up way too fast!

  2. Lacy had quite the week of a Bday party! I’m ready for the euchre rematch already!!

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