Look! I’m getting back on Schedule!

On this second Monday in December, guess what kind of music we’ll be having??

Yep, that’s right, it’s christmas time so we HAVE to have Christmas music!

I have a few fav Christmas CD’s and so this month I will feature some of my favorite songs from each. Today, it’s from my Rebecca St. James’s Christmas CD. With the right combination of rock and Jesus, this is the anti-thesis to my tapes that feature the Bean Crosby type White Christmas songs. Not knocking those, but I like a variety.

So, here’s to a rockin Christmas this December! (and not, it’s NOT Rocking around the Christmas tree… but maybe next week!)



  1. OH wow. I hadn’t heard this version. And I like Rebecca St. James….
    Great song..thanks.

  2. Very fun, thanks Krista!

    Merry Christmas!

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