I love love.

That’s probably why I write contemporary romance, at my very heart I’m a hopeless romantic. I hated Romeo and Juliet. Killing yourself in the name of love is SO not romantic.

I love happy endings!

When I’m in my worst moods, like this weekend when I got not so great news, a good love story always helps.

The good Christian in me should say that I turn to prayer and my Bible and my heart and strength are renewed. And that is true, but I also believe that God knows my heart, good grief he MADE my heart, and he knows what calms me.

And a good sappy love story does it every time! Just pop in “You’ve Got Mail” or “While you were sleeping.” and I’m smiling and feeling all soupy inside by the end.

A good love song does the trick sometimes too. I was sitting home Saturday evening, licking my wounds, praying desperately for God to renew my strength and my hope, and for some reason I got it in my head to put in a CD. I don’t do that often, my house is filled with the squeals and shrieks of little girls, so the music sometimes just puts the noise level over the top.

The first one I came to in the pile was by LeAnn Rhimes, not bad but usually not my first choice. I didn’t even know I had it, had never even listened to it. Now that I think about it, I think I got it for $.50 at a garage sale a few months ago and just stuffed it under there.

And, this was the song that I heard, one we all know but exactly what my broken, discouraged heart needed. God uses many vehicles to bring our hearts peace.

Actually, there are two on there that I like, that made me sign and feel rejuvenated. I’m gonna step out and post them both.



  1. OH MY. What a great choice in singers. I LOVE her. Those words hit home, don’t they?

    I’m sorry for your bad news, but I’m glad you found some music just in time to help ease the pain.

    I’ve found my rest in “YOUR WAY” by Addi Camp more times that I can count.

    Press on, Sister.

  2. Thanks for sharing those, Krista!

    Can’t say I’m a huge LeAnn Rimes fan, but as far as country singers go she’s not bad. 🙂

    I, too, love a good sappy romance where everyone lives happily ever after. Nothing like that emotional satisfaction to brighten your day!

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