I was going to start this by saying, “I find myself lacking motivation to write lately…” but then I realized that is not true. I have plenty of motivation. I desperately want to have my current WIP completely edited by the ACFW conference in September. I have critiques fresh off the press for some of my early chapters, and ideas floating around in my head to add fresh life to the pages, but for some reason they are having a difficult time flowing onto paper (or screen, whatever!)

So I find myself wondering at the reason for this. I do feel like I have motivation, I really do want to dive in! Some people note fear as a problem, fear of not being good enough, fear of pouring your heart into something and it flopping. I do have boughts of that at times, but it isn’t overwhelming or dehabilitating. It could be laziness, in fact I know that is a factor. Partially is the fact that work is so crazy right now, I find my head filled with ‘work’ problems all evening, but while I am at work my head is filled with story ideas! How crazy is that!

I am looking forward to this weekend. My local writer’s group is having a ‘weekend writing marathon’ where we try to write as much as we possibly can and help hold each other accountable. This is my first one, so I don’t completely understand it, but I intend to use the weekend as my writing boost.

Have you ever had a lull in your writing live? Was it writer’s block? What is it that causes you not to be able to make yourself get out that computer and write away?


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  1. Hi, Krista! We haven’t met yet, but I’m a member of MTCW, too! This post interested me because I often battle the same thing and it seems like for the same reasons – LIFE! I certainly have plenty of reasons to write, but it just won’t come. You are the mother of 3 little girls. That alone is enough to drain a gal of her creative juices! I only have two little girls, and they’re pretty well behaved, but they still N-E-E-D me, ya know? I’m a teacher and when I’m in school, I go through periods, weeks at a time, when I’m not writing, and that’s bad because it seems like the longer you go without writing, the harder it is to get back in the groove. So, I get it and I think every other woman writer does, too, but don’t let it getcha down. God blesses work that glorifies His name. It’ll come with time. I look forward to meeting you hopefully in July!
    Many blessings,
    Jen Stephens

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